‘Returnees’ must stand trial

2 November 2017

Since 1903, the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba has been used as a military base by the United States after having leased the island from Cuba for $2,000 a year, in recognition of the US role in liberating the island from Spanish rule. It is interesting to note that the Cuban revolutionaries at that time protested the agreement so the Cuban government decided not to receive rent but the US since 115 years until date continues to send the cheques to cover the rent money. The United States is not only the most powerful country in the world m i l i t a r i l y but also econ o m i c a l l y and scientifi - cally. When we say scientifically, it includes many things such as psychological and mental t r e a t m e n t , change the mind of the detainee or prisoner, and his faith. However, all efforts of the ‘scientists to change the minds of those who were detained following the Sept 11 attack have failed to date. There are still detainees at the Guantanamo which the US does not want to release for interrogation because they will return to their former activities immediately after their release. Even (former) US president (Barack) Obama, who pledged to close the prison during his election campaign, changed his mind after realizing many of these inmates are hardcore ‘terrorists’ who cannot be brought into the mainstream of decent life. Since 2003, the Guantanamo Bay prison has received hundreds of terrorist suspects because the area is outside the border of the US and is not subject to US laws. In March 2007, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, who studied in Kuwaiti schools and mosques, admitted that he was the ‘mastermind’ of the Sept 11, 2001 attacks. Al-Qabas daily reported on Sept 30 that it reported a few days ago warnings from friendly countries about terrorist threats against Kuwait coming from the DAESH fugitives. Before the ink dried on paper, one of the most hardline government offi - cials said his ministry will rehabilitate the returnees (presumably IS members from Syria and Iraq), according to programs prepared by the Center for Moderation, especially since this Center has succeeded in bringing 22 members of the Osoud Al-Jazeera (Lions of Peninsula) terrorist cell into the society and will succeed in doing so with DAESH returnees. Here we would like to strongly warn against this disrespectful behavior. This statement is an offi cial acknowledgment of the existence of those who have committed acts of hostility against brotherly or friendly countries, and therefore must be brought to trial, not sent to rehabilitation. The concerned ministry, if it is true, I doubt that it succeeded in rehabilitating 22 members of Osoud Al-Jazeera cell. These members were not rehabilitated immediately after launching their terrorist crimes but were arrested, charged, jailed, and therefore the ‘returnees ‘should be brought to trial, punished in line with the law and then rehabilitated. If the US, with all its knowledge and understanding of human psychology, has failed for more than a decade to deal with these terrorists, how will a shaky administration with all suspicions of corruption, succeed in what the most powerful country in the world has failed? Finally, we have been informed by a source that the government has allocated a huge sum of money to build 100 (makeshift) mosques but the source may have forgotten to tell us these mosques will be handed over to the advisors of Peninsula Lions or DAESH.

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