Is there no end to this committee?

3 November 2017

At the end of 1991, when I was visiting a friend in charge of computer systems at a commercial bank, he received a large parcel from the Supreme Advisory Committee for Completion of Application of Islamic Law. The parcel contained a collection of expensive gifts and books with dedications written in pure gold water letters. To send all those gifts to someone who has nothing to do with the committee work and not a state offi cial showed the committee had no work and no meaning. We did not wait long to know the truth of what we expected. Not only those who are responsible for the committee are satisfi ed with doing nothing, but they also cost the state millions of dinars over which they have no right. They have to ask themselves if the salaries they draw, the privileges and bonuses they have been receiving for the past 25 years are legitimate. The waste and unjustifi ed spending has reached its peak following the shifting on the commission to a luxurious building in a prime location with posh furniture and architecture at the entrance to the Fair Ground, which have cost the State ten million dinars. Almost a year ago, when the government asked the former head of the committee, after spending a quarter of a century in his work, to rest and relax (retire), we were very pleased and we thought the assigned head would play a role to liquidate the committee, especially since it did nothing except presented meaningless proposals that have nothing to do with the core of its work, such as a research on how to control the satellite channels dishes and solving the economic problem, and other issues. The committee repeatedly mentioned that it has made many proposals regarding ‘Islamization of the state laws’, the thorny issue that has been the center of controversy for decades, especially since all proposals, on the assumption they are applicable in the modern age, such as lashing and cutting hands for example, must be approved by the National Assembly and this will take decades to complete. Suddenly we saw a circular that went viral on the social media, issued by the director of the administrative department in the committee. Everybody knows that the correspondence addressed to the offi ce of the new head of the new committee must start with: His virtues Mr Dr Sayyed Mohammad Al-Tabtabaei, May God save him. I am more than suspicious that the administration of the committee is not temporary, but is permanent, after reading the cover of a book that was issued some time back under the title ‘Star in the Sky of Kuwait.’ The subject is related to the biography of Professor Sayyed Mohammad Al-Tabtabaei (May God save him). The book is prepared by Mohammad Al-Sharqawi, Ahmad Samir and Mokhtar Taha and the rest is anybody’s guess. This committee has been there for too long and His Highness the Prime Minister must propose its dissolution to the concerned parties, to have mercy on us and to protect the state money which is being wasted. The Chairman and members of the committee know better than everyone else that their work will last forever. Shall we wait … forever?

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