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Back to Oshumi fasting 11/9/2017

I t seems that my previous article on the fasting of Oshumi was not clear. Some took it as a confirmation of the validity of the fasting during Ramadan, as if we invented fasting and as if it was not a ritual known to the nations of the earth thousands of years ago. The disagreement is not about the importance of fasting, which is agreed religiously and medically, but in how, why and when to fast. Some see fasting as a kind of torture or mutilation of the body, while others see it as a spiritual ...... read more

Case of drum, tambourine 11/8/2017

Our colleague and academician Shamlan Al-Issa during a television interview spoke about a funny story related to the output in Kuwaiti schools. He said during a lecture, he asked a female student about her opinion on an easy topic and she apologized because she hadn’t studied. So he jokingly called her a small drum and told her to sit down. Professor Al-Shamlan asked another student the same question and her answer was more foolish than the first. Then he asked a third, who also did not an ...... read more

Govt and its problems 11/7/2017

We come across so many problems such as the low level of education, rising administrative deterioration, bribery, etc, to the extent a citizen, a resident, and a government employee accepts bribe. For them, this is something normal but it damages the economy and unjustified spending cannot be curbed. Add to this, the big disparity between salaries of employees in various government agencies, the one hundred and fifty thousand cases of fraud to obtain the Kuwaiti nationality and double the number ...... read more

Naji Al-Ali, Mohammad Al-Saqr and Umm Tariq 11/6/2017

This article comes on the occasion of the British government’s recent decision to reopen the investigation into the assassination of Palestinian caricaturist Naji Al-Ali, 30 years ago. Naji Al-Ali was a drawing teacher at the Al-Jafariya College in the Lebanese city of Tyre (Sour) in the early 1960s. Umm Tariq, my wife, was among his students at that time. A quarter of a century later, on a hot London day in July 1987, Umm Tariq met Al-Ali and his wife on a London street. This gave an oppo ...... read more

Is there no end to this committee? 11/3/2017

At the end of 1991, when I was visiting a friend in charge of computer systems at a commercial bank, he received a large parcel from the Supreme Advisory Committee for Completion of Application of Islamic Law. The parcel contained a collection of expensive gifts and books with dedications written in pure gold water letters. To send all those gifts to someone who has nothing to do with the committee work and not a state offi cial showed the committee had no work and no meaning. We did not wait lo ...... read more

‘Returnees’ must stand trial 11/2/2017

Since 1903, the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba has been used as a military base by the United States after having leased the island from Cuba for $2,000 a year, in recognition of the US role in liberating the island from Spanish rule. It is interesting to note that the Cuban revolutionaries at that time protested the agreement so the Cuban government decided not to receive rent but the US since 115 years until date continues to send the cheques to cover the rent money. The United Stat ...... read more

Cleanse the body, mind 11/1/2017

We are the best in the world, as the clergymen believe, and we have no scholars except them. Our homelands are the most sacred, and we are most hospitable and generous. Our customs and traditions are the most outstanding in the world, making us, in the eyes of some, even better than the Germans and the Japanese, let alone the other less developed nations. In 1901, Alfred Nobel set aside the bulk of his estate to establish the Nobel Prizes, to be awarded annually without distinction of nationalit ...... read more

Fraud in faith’s garb 10/31/2017

I n recent months, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor has tightened control over donations collected by associations belonging to religious parties. The ministry has made it mandatory not to accept any donation either through the bank credit card or by transferring directly from the donor’s account to the Society’s account. The senior of- ficials from the donation collection departments of these charities who made a lot of money by taking advantage of their positions, did not l ...... read more

Hopes lie with Roudhan 10/30/2017

For more than forty years, I have suffered from injustice, arbitrariness and backwardness of the Ministry of Commerce, among other ministries, of course, because of strange and ridiculous requests, especially when requesting an ordinary or extraordinary general assembly meeting. What I mention here is not an exaggeration. At the end of each financial year and after the budget of the company is prepared by its auditors, the owners of companies submit a request to study the budget, after providing ...... read more

When oil loses its lustre 10/27/2017

We will continue to warn of all the waste that is happening and the expected dark fate of our only source of income, which has been reduced to half its value in just a few years. We will continue to warn until the prime minister or the fate, whichever comes fi rst, responds to our demands and warnings because it is diffi cult to predict the future. The majority of European automakers have announced their intention to stop the production of any petroleum-fueled vehicles within the next 10 to 20 y ...... read more

What after Mahathir? 10/26/2017

Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, is the Islamic version, albeit with extreme discretion, of the late Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew. Mahathir was born in 1925 and became prime minister of Malaysia in 1981 and remained in office until 2003, during which he nurtured the rise of Malaysia and pushed it forward towards civilization, industrial and humanitarian progress. At a forum held in Kuala Lumpur in November 2014 to discuss the issue of thought and civilization, especially the civ ...... read more

We ... or the ‘mama govt’ 10/25/2017

Scientifically, no child is naughty or obedient, coward or brave. A child picks violent behavior from his peers because he finds violence within the four walls of his house. The child is tempted to become jealous because he has been neglected. There is a tendency for a child to get angry if he does not hear words of praise or encouragement from his family. The naughty child is the one who misses the love and tenderness. A neglected child is the one whose parents are too busy. Those who are weak ...... read more

We will review it! 10/24/2017

Afew days ago, a seminar was held at the National Library on the subject of ‘International Day of Translation’. The participants included Abtahal Al-Khatib, Professor Tarek Fakhruddin and a third lecturer whose name I cannot remember. I could not attend the symposium for health reasons. Abtahal in her paper said that the translation is not of less literary value a measure of authorship if not increased, especially for the Arab reader. The translation needs the same degree of creativi ...... read more

Mother nurtures a child 10/23/2017

For more than 35 years, I have been following what my great colleague, Abdullatif Al-Duaij, who is considered as the best author of books in politics in the Kuwaiti press. He is a great writer and we can say that without much exaggeration or compliment. It is strange that throughout this period, despite what I know about myself from being ‘different’, I do not remember that my views, in general, differed from his views, and sometimes our positions and views are typical, other than on ...... read more

History of manipulation 10/20/2017

Most of the religious parties and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, believe that the liberals are weak in faith, and this diminishes their moral power and drives them to lie. I will not try here to change this view, but I will assume that those who echoed such a claim believe that their moral reason is better, and lie less, but the reality is not. In a testimony by Sheikh Saud AlNasser Al-Sabah, Kuwait’s ambassador to W a s h i n g t o n during the Iraqi occupation, he said that some o ...... read more

The ‘indispensable’ man? 10/19/2017

ON April 20, 1994, I had written an article titled “Underground World”. The following is an excerpt from that article. The local religious-political movements are shocked by the scandal which involves a cleric and includes a number of astonishing issues such as physical attacks, sexual assault and capturing of state properties as well as involvement in political conflicts with various religious currents. What increased the astonishment is the use of some methods that are usually used ...... read more

We and the evolution – III 10/18/2017

There is reason for the increase and multiplication of the numbers of human groups and their solidarity to increase their ability to defend themselves against various risks. What is the natural solution to enable the human fetus with its large brain to pass through the birth canal, which became narrow as a result of walking on legs? The solution is that the human embryo is born prematurely, much earlier than the rest of the embryos. If the fetus was born with the potential of the fetus itself, t ...... read more

We and the evolution -II 10/17/2017

We will have to repeat what we have already written in order to complete the picture of the reality of the biology of living things. What is present is a repetitive experiment of varying designs, some of which fail, dissipate and rapidly become extinct. Others succeed and last for long periods, but in the end the fate of the various species become extinct purely for natural reasons such as change in the environment or failure to compete with new types of organisms or similar. As for the story of ...... read more

We and the evolution – I 10/16/2017

This article is adapted from a lecture by Riyad Al-Abd, which was given in London a few days ago. The subject of the ‘Origin of Species’, which was opposed by those who previously opposed the shape of the earth, refused to use the phone, forbid cinema, television and music, which have become universally accepted in our lives. But its opponents have later become postulates and part of our life. It is really sad to know that the Turkish secondary stage curriculums for the current year ...... read more

‘Strength lies in solidarity, unity’ 10/13/2017

The third law of Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist known to mankind, says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If a person jumped from a small boat to a pier, the force of the jump would equal the force of the boat rebounding back from the pier. What is happening in Kuwait, since shortly after liberation, between the communities of society, is applicable to Newton’s law. The more extreme one sect is, the more extreme the other with equal amount in the opposite all at th ...... read more

When hopes are dashed 10/12/2017

I n order to put Kuwait among the ranks of the advanced countries the National Assembly passed a law three years ago to accelerate growth of the roads network and land transportation, developing integrated plans for public transportation, finding out alternatives for traditional transport that use the most advanced international technology and use the smart transport means, participation in reducing the traffic jam, enhancing the plans concerning supporting the environment and reducing the fuel ...... read more

Of stereotype concepts 10/11/2017

Today, we are living in the era of information, and the one who possesses suitable information at the suitable time in the world of finance, politics, industry, scientific advancement and other aspects is the strongest. Information happens to be immeasurable and goes beyond comprehension. Therefore, we are unable to form an actual picture or facts of a given issue. This pushes us to create or form a stereotype concept in many issues without deep thought. We describe half of a nation’s popu ...... read more

Read your path to success 10/9/2017

I n general, the underdeveloped world does not read much, and not just Arabs and Muslims only. However, in general, we are more noisy than others and claim to be more knowledgeable and stronger, deeper in illusion that we are right in everything we say and do and that the entire world is wrong. There is no way to remove these allegations and illusions without intensive and diverse reading. However, reading without understanding is not enough, understanding without application is meaningless. It ...... read more

The exhausting book 10/5/2017

I have never got tired of a book in my life, in volume and content, such as ‘From Third World to First: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew’ which is his biography. The book is distinguished with its extraordinary weight and size, in addition to its content. In spite of the smoothness of the English language, the reader is forced to make comparisons between Singapore’s situation and our situation, and the opportunities we have wasted that could have made us better, but. Lee Kuan with a gro ...... read more

Way Persians view Arabs 10/4/2017

Writer Hamad Al-Hamad wrote an article on his blog under the title ‘The image of Arabs in Persian literature’. He said he ‘borrowed’ the text from a book ‘Isfahan Nesfe Jahan’ which literally translated means ‘Isfahan is half of the world’. The book was written by pessimist Sadiq Hidayat, who committed suicide in Paris in 1951. Professor Zubaydah Ashkanani translated his famous story the ‘Blind Owl’ into Arabic. Al-Hamad said: “I ...... read more

Portugal not just oranges 10/3/2017

PORTUGAL is seen as one of the most modest ‘Western’ countries in the European Union given its economic capabilities and weak industry and may be the only nation that does not have, for example, a car industry or even an assembly plant. Perhaps because of these reasons and the beautiful climate and the splendor of its cities, it has become a haven for celebrities, artists, political refugees and wealthy people. This is in addition to the ‘friendly’ laws and willingness to ...... read more

Minister with a good cause 10/2/2017

MRS Hind Al-Sabeeh is one of the best in the position of Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, in terms of personal strength and dedication to work, and the best example of this is her recent decisions to refer the boards of directors of such a large number of cooperative societies to the Public Prosecution and the Department of Investigations on charges of fi nancial and administrative corruption. This decision cannot be passed without a great deal of respect and appreciation. A minister of thi ...... read more

Decisions constitutionally suspicious 9/29/2017

Commenting on what was published by the Al-Qabas e-newspaper, on paying some MPs ‘second exceptional salary’, the SecretaryGeneral of the National Assembly said what is published by the AlQabas daily is not new and it is not the first time that the government agrees to pay ‘second exceptional salary’ for some MPs in accordance with Article 80 of the Social Security Law. The Secretary-General said this salary was introduced during the previous legislative terms and since 1 ...... read more

Juha or Mullah NasrEddin 9/28/2017

Juha is a well-known historical comic character and there are hundreds of funny stories and jokes about him and his donkey, especially the stories which are linked to his stupidity and wisdom. Juha is also popular in the West in addition to other more glamorous and charming Arab ‘personalities’ such as Sindbad and Ali Baba, whose stories have always inspired the imagination of the European children and the West in general. The character of Juha appeared in literature in the ninth cen ...... read more

Ahmad and the Red Cross 9/27/2017

The Red Cross was founded by Swiss Jean Henri Dunant, who, in June 1859, found himself in the northern Italian town of Solferino. There were thousands of dead bodies of soldiers all over the place — Austrian and French soldiers who had died in 16 hours of fierce fighting. This scenario of horror made him sad because no one cared to bury the dead or take care of the wounded. No one provided any sort of medical care so he went to the local people and asked them to help. W h e n D u n a n t r ...... read more

The nursing catastrophe 9/26/2017

The aim of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) is to supply trained Kuwaiti manpower to meet the needs of the country, not only in technical and professional fields but various others to achieve progress and prosperity. One of the objectives of the Authority is to make young Kuwaitis the hope of the future on whom the country can rely and enable these young men to compete with the expatriates in all fields of services and production and be responsible for the economic ...... read more

Riddles of evolution 9/25/2017

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA Scientifically, there is virtually no perfection in the biology of living organisms and what is present is a recurrent experiment of multiple and changing designs, some of which fail, dissolve and rapidly become extinct, while others succeed and survive for long periods, but u ...... read more

It takes two to tango 9/22/2017

The Public Authority for the Disabled was established by a law issued in 2010. Most of its provisions have been adopted on the concepts of the World Health Organization in determining the disability and in conformity with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Despite the clarity of the conditions for determining disability, the authority has been subjected to fierce corruption from day one of its establishment. Over the past seven years, the organization has n ...... read more

Foes of science, secularism 9/21/2017

Those who hate secularism are either ignorant of its meaning or have interest in its non-application and prosperity. Secularism, as the experiences of many countries have shown, is more conservative and religious than the religious authority itself. In the absence of secularism, the clerics impose their thought, ideas and interpretations on everyone and the people are obliged to adopt one single faith because they have no other option. The people take a path to a single faith due to social press ...... read more

Trading blame 9/20/2017

I avoid using the term ‘Doctor’ or ‘Mr Professor’ while addressing the elite especially the academicians, other than medical doctors, not out of disrespect for them, or because of their certificates, but for all this number of holders of this title which is exposed to humiliation and abuse at the hands of many, often with the consent and blessing of officials. It annoys me, and my words here may annoy friends and acquaintances, on the insistence of some to append their hu ...... read more

A fact nobody admits 9/19/2017

Afew days ago I celebrated my 72nd birthday and the occasion did not mean anything to me, so what about others? Old age is inevitable. It is like being at a height of 36,000 feet fl ying in a metal body so you cannot do anything other than to continue to live your life, within your surroundings, reach your destination, and return from where you started, or fall off. There are no guarantees, but just the actions that we may take to help improve the chances of prolonging our lives, but we are pred ...... read more

Lying in our societies 9/18/2017

The state of social hypocrisy that our societies live in makes us easy or restless and we, more often than not prefer to tell lies and describe this behavior as ‘men’s salt.’ From personal experiences, I can say that we are the most active and receptive people in the world. I have already mentioned the reason in an article which was published 15 years ago, and it is a good idea to go back to it. We are characterized by excessive selfesteem, and “those who sprinkle water o ...... read more

Are radicals patriots? 9/15/2017

With the increase of radicalism, extremism and religious polarization among all Muslims, either at home or international Diaspora, we see they are more and more distancing themselves from loyalty to their homeland. They belong to specifi c countries and enjoy their wholesome goodness and forcibly pay their taxes, but they remain divided when it comes to allegiance to the homeland and loyalty to religion, which represents the Hereafter. I do not think that there are large groups of people on eart ...... read more

Women in Heritage-II 9/12/2017

The position of the Al-Zaytouna Mosque in Tunisia, which is progovernment, has been angered by attempts to develop laws related to women, because according to its view and according to the concepts of the mosque if such laws are approved, it will lead to the destruction of the constants and distance itself from the basics of religion, especially that the religious texts concerning women are the most ‘sacred’ and will provoke the anger of the mosque when talking about the renewal of r ...... read more

Women in heritage – I 9/11/2017

Writer Dr Khaled Montasser wondered why the Islamic Martin Luther was late to comment on the wall of the mosque, translate the Holy Quran into the language of the people and the tone of the homeland and bring the religion out of the monopoly of those who trade in faith. Perhaps the ‘colleague’ knows, but preferred to remain silent, that the comparison here is not true, Islam is not like Christianity. What the reformers could have done 600 years ago is not an Islamic possibility, nor ...... read more

Unique Mohammad Raf 9/5/2017

Afew years after the liberation of Kuwait, I made a study about the money and property needed to build a non-profi t, Western-style school for slow-learners, and although their number has increased dramatically nothing has been done to meet their needs. We did our best to get a school for this category of children, especially after the late Ahmad Al-Rubei, when he was minister of education, refused to give us one of the ministry’s vacant buildings, even temporarily, for our ‘charity& ...... read more

We and the Great Britain 9/1/2017

The world did not know an empire of strength, breadth and longevity as the British Empire, which was the outcome of the European era of exploration of the world. Those who discovered an island, a continent, an underdeveloped area, or a populationfree region, extended their influence by force of arms or by means of a trick or other. The Spanish naval discoveries had a colonial start in the late fifteenth century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the population of Britain was estimated to be ...... read more

The magic eye riddle 8/31/2017

Recently, silly and naïve videos have been circulating that wellknown hotels have installed hidden cameras in the bedrooms to take pictures of guests in intimate situations. A Kuwaiti traveler saw the ‘magic eye’ atop his TV set in a luxury hotel in Azerbaijan. A few days later, the guest apologized after learning the ‘magic eye’ is nothing but the eye of the special remote control. That and other stories brought me back to 40 years, when I and a group of bankers fro ...... read more

Justice for hard workers 8/30/2017

I f you are a senior offi cial or Minister of Education and Higher Education, and have the following information about a Kuwaiti employee what will you do? That a former lawyer and a licensed legal expert, and holds a doctorate recognized by the Civil Code of the University of Strasbourg. That he was born in 1971 and worked as a lawyer in the Department of Fatwa and Legislation. In 1996 he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work as a diplomat before deciding to complete his higher studies ...... read more

Science vs ignorance 8/29/2017

I remember very well, when we were young, a terrible degree of panic set in, when the world was unfair to us as a result of a partial eclipse of the sun and low temperatures. And it would have become more terrifying if the phenomenon was accompanied by strong winds. All this fear was quite visible in the eyes and on the faces of the elderly. Everyone rushed to the mosques to pray in the belief the Day of Resurrection was at hand. All this ‘ignorance’ vanished as science cleared the b ...... read more

Hawking and Ibn Al-Nafees 8/28/2017

I n a rare, but not unusual, meeting with the Holy See at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI invited physicist Stephen Hawking to visit him at the Catholic diocese, despite the Pope’s knowledge of the truth of Hawking’s views, the skeptics of the Church’s foundations and the theories of existence. Hawking had already expressed his views to the British Times, saying that modern physics leaves no room for faith in the creation of the universe. Just as the Darwinian Theory has removed ...... read more

Have we lost our instinct? 8/25/2017

Mohammad Turki, who describes himself as ‘international instructor’, has published an advertisement abroad to train people on polygamy and shedding light on the culture, principle and the ethics. We got access to this advertisement through the social media. The advertisement says polygamy is ‘inherent’ (instinctive) and common, and therefore it is necessary to learn its culture and principles. The advertisement also contains ‘valuable’ information concerning a ...... read more

The eternal humanoid 8/24/2017

Bill Maris is an entrepreneur, one of the world’s richest persons focused on technology and the life sciences. He is the founder and first CEO of Google Ventures. He is worth more than $3 billion. Maris believes in the potential of future industrial intelligence, the science of life span, and has founded large international companies with promising future projects. Maris, who is 40, looks to be in his twenties and strongly believes that a man can live for 500 years. These words may seem il ...... read more

Religious conscience 8/23/2017

Adoctor friend of mine says that one of his acquaintances sends him a message every Friday morning praying to God to enlighten our hearts with intimacy and help us repent for our sins, etc. The message ends with a happy morning and a blessed Friday. The doctor says he knows the sender. He has reportedly admitted to being an adulterer and earlier was involved in more than one case of administrative manipulation. He is also known for lying and going on leave under the pretext of visiting his daugh ...... read more

History of ‘Brotherhood’ 8/22/2017

Afew years after the founding of the Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel in 1996, and before becoming a defender of the international Muslim Brotherhood organization, the channel had broadcast a documentary on the dark side of the organization — the long history of assassinations allegedly carried out by this organization, particularly in 1948, before this organization spread its tentacles all over the world. The film producer relied on live interviews with some of those involved in the assass ...... read more

Story of spinach, Popeye 8/21/2017

I t is known that “Popeye the Sailor” is a fictional cartoon character which was created by Elzie Crisler Segar and first appeared in a comic strip in 1929. Popeye later appeared in popular theatrical and television animated cartoons. In 1934, an agricultural pest destroyed the entire crop of good maize of the famous American farmer John Charks, who used to supply to dozens of large food factories in the US, and suffered loss of sales. One day, Patrick Seally, a short- film producer ...... read more

Back to Hatem Al-Tai 8/18/2017

Our article on the generosity of Hatem Al-Tai has provoked some controversy and revealed aspects that need to be considered. There is no doubt that the concept of generosity is relative, like anything, and varies from region to region. In the desert, for example, generosity is entirely related to providing guests with food. A passerby or a poor person who is hungry usually does not look for a person who is welcoming, smiles at him and opens his house to sleep in. He searches for those who provid ...... read more

Shun fanaticism, bridge gap 8/17/2017

There is an American authority referred to as WASP which means White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (White Americans of British Protestant ancestry). Historically, they represented a distinctive class of the American society that had dominated politics, money, culture, and justice. They excluded other White Americans such as the Germans, Irish, Jews and others. The influence of this class remained until World War II, when its end witnessed a shift towards giving or receiving better positions and rights ...... read more

Kuwait our only homeland 8/16/2017

Many people were surprised by the attitude of some who refused to invite Iraqi singers such as Kazim Al-Saher and others to sing in the Kuwait Opera House because of their stances related to Kuwait and in support of the tyrant Saddam Hussein when the latter occupied our homeland and destroyed our precious and beloved country. You can understand the positions of the two sides. One side says we, after 27 years, must forget and forgive despite our wound. The other side says they will not object to ...... read more

National unity day ... ray of hope 8/15/2017

I would like to read between the lines, to myself at least, to continue my dream! The sadness of the patriots and loyalists of our people — the people who love us and those who love and appreciate art — over the death of the late actor Abdulhussain Abdulreda was great. This means that Abdulhussain has an outstanding place as a human being in the hearts and minds of many of us. He will have a greater place if we can take advantage of this historic opportunity to achieve two major drea ...... read more

Demise of a great man 8/14/2017

The great artist Abdulhussein Abdulredha, about whom and whose masterpieces I have written articles, whom I enjoyed meeting and whose friendship, contact, and decency I will miss, has passed away. Abu Adnan has died, but not before he left us an artistic legacy and cultural heritage of endless smiles and laughter. I am not good at writing the articles of eulogy, and I usually avoid it, but Abdulhussein was something else. Therefore, I will use an article written by my Saudi colleague Tahani Al-R ...... read more

‘Act before it is too late’ 8/13/2017

Over the past 30 years, incidents related to abuse of doctors and other medical personnel have been disturbingly increasing. The government has not acted with necessary seriousness to put an end to what has become almost a custom and a culture of a society that insists on backwardness and tries to solve its problems by one’s own hand without waiting for the word of justice. The situation has worsened, and the medical profession associations have almost failed in fulfi lling their duties in ...... read more

‘My son, I wish you failure, bad luck’ 8/11/2017

I n June 2017, the US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the inaugural speech at his son’s ninth-grade graduation ceremony. He said, “From time to time in the years to come, I hope you will be treated unfairly so that you will know the value of justice. I hope that you will suffer betrayal because that will teach you the importance of loyalty. I am sorry to say that, but I really hope from time to time you feel loneliness, so that you do not take the friendships of ot ...... read more

Exploiting the naive? 8/9/2017

Former Egyptian geologist and presentday preacher Zaghloul Al-Najjar is currently staying in Jordan under the hospitality of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, after he left Egypt due to some special political circumstances. In a lecture in Jordan, Zaghloul reiterated his claims that Swiss companies are using camels’ urine to make medicines for treating infertility and heart and liver diseases. Many objected to this, demanding for evidences, while others defended him, calling him “the wor ...... read more

Dwindling generosity 8/8/2017

We love to honor ourselves based on the trait of generosity. We keep repeating the story of Hatem Al-Tai (stories about his extreme generosity have made him an icon for Arabs until the present day) as if there is no other in our history. If we were really generous, why not mention anyone else in our history? I personally think the most famous Arab figure who has been known for generosity and self-renunciation throughout the history of the region is the late Lebanese prime minister Rafik Al-Harir ...... read more

Honorable, arbitrary decisions 8/7/2017

I know Dr Abdullatif Al-Sahli. However, before writing this article, I had contacted a number of his colleagues and friends. They all affi rmed that the man is exceptional in his love for his country and his dedication to his work. He had been exposed to two ordeals — ordeals that he should not have faced especially the second one if morality and sincerity were among the criteria for assessing the performance of a civil employee and if senior offi cials were held accountable for their grav ...... read more

‘My homeland above all’ 8/4/2017

This article answers questions by many people as to why I wasn’t discussing recent events or directly commenting on them. Without a doubt, we’ve been facing moral crisis — even before the situation escalated to political and sectarian crises, and any comment on the Abdali Cell events could be interpreted beyond what the writer envisaged. The general situation is sickening, as the government and the people have both failed to make good citizens of the hundred thousand schoolboys ...... read more

DDC system & auto parts 8/3/2017

Like most of my friends in the intermediate school, I hated English language. Unlike the distinguished students who came from the National School (Jaafariyah), I found the language hard. However, a Palestinian English teacher changed my view about the language and I eventually started loving it. I still do, even though after 60 years I consider myself half-educated in everything. Supervising the school library of Al-Sadiq School was one of the tasks of that outstanding teacher. He discovered my ...... read more

Story of Homo sapiens 8/2/2017

The 1976-born Prof Harari, who had graduated from the Hebrew University of Israel, has an interesting collection of books that have been translated into several languages. Among them, his book “Sapiens” of 2011 is the most famous and well known. In his lecture, which can be viewed on YouTube — https://youtu.be/sL0fNidXTc, on July 5, this is what he said:- This is our story, about the Homo sapiens (which means human beings in Latin), and how we conquered the earth and became the ...... read more

House before the mosque 8/1/2017

Religious rule says that what the house needs is forbidden to the mosque. This is a humane and logical base, before being religious. Nothing should be given to the mosque if the house needs it more. I remembered this rule while reading a message in WhatsApp which says: “When the difference between your country and the poorest European countries (Western) is 100 years of development, you need to build a school in your country, not a mosque in Europe!” Kuwaiti Ambassador to Australia N ...... read more

‘Palestine, we are coming’ 7/31/2017

Due to countless reasons, I can claim that I have been following the Palestinian cause for a very long time. This allows me to say that they have stood alone in the face of their enemies, which is why they will be victorious in their cause, provided they can deal with the other factor, which is bringing an end to their division and fragmentation. Dependence on brothers has been and still is an illusion.Some people from my generation remember the Syrian actress and singer Siham Rafki, who was mar ...... read more

Blown out of proportion 7/28/2017

I nterpol recently issued a Red Corner Notice for the arrest of the Indian preacher Zakir Naik who is accused of money laundering, attaining illicit gains through self-run religious satellite channels and other terrorism-related charges. Naik, 52, is a well-known preacher and a physician; but he, like many “civil” preachers, may have discovered that work in advocacy of religion is more blessed and profitable in this world and in the Hereafter. Naik has a wide reputation, especially a ...... read more

The incomparable schools 7/27/2017

I made a few simple calculations recently and discovered that I spent fi ve almost-hard years in AlSabah Elementary School, which was located near Ahmad Al-Jaber Street close to the current Sharq Police Station. I then spent fi ve harder years laden with unprecedented naughtiness in Al-Sadiq Intermediate School which was controlled by Ministry of Interior until recently. After I fi nished my studies there with low grades, I took my records and went to Shuwaikh High School. It was the beginning o ...... read more

Charge of ‘crude’ brigade 7/26/2017

Before the era of social media, the intellectual and mental damages were limited to very few people. However, soon the thrill of sending jokes and nonsensical messages began to spread throughout the world through the use of applications such as WhatsApp and others. The world was flooded with silly and miserable messages. Most of these messages are irrelevant while some rare ones are useful, as they did not distort the thought or instill doubts and suspicions in the minds over the content or the ...... read more

‘We need self-rehabilitation’ 7/25/2017

No wise men can disagree that the situations in the local and Gulf arenas are painful and heartbreaking. Hearts are filled with sorrow when we follow them, knowing that all this is because of years of ignorance which led us to bring about these tragic situations among us. What we see locally are sectarian hatred, abuse and conflict among different sects within a society including the backward personalities and politicians who were not born today and this hour. These represent the product of accu ...... read more

Two faces of same coin 7/24/2017

I n 1866, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) movement was founded in the United States of America. It was a racist movement that advocated white supremacy. It was antiSemite, anti-Catholicism and anti-homosexuality. It did not hesitate to kill and burn its enemies on crosses. The government succeeded in eliminating it in 1871, but it reappeared in 1915, after which it became an offi cial organization. In the 1920s, the number of members of KKK was about 15 percent of the population. However, due to the wave ...... read more

‘Awakening’ alters minds 7/23/2017

People suffering from diabetes have problems due to acute pancreatitis and failure to produce insulin which converts food to energy or metabolism. After eating, the starch breaks down into sugar called glucose, which is transported by blood to all cells of the body to produce energy. Most cells need insulin to allow glucose to enter the blood. If the food is rich in sugar and large quantities of starch, the liver and the pancreas are unable to produce enough insulin as a result of which some sug ...... read more

We are a big failure 7/21/2017

I do not remember how many times I have urged the government to resolve the intractable local issues before external forces intervene and force their decisions on us, but ‘wisdom’ may have prevented the government from doing so.We have failed miserably to keep a track of the hundreds of millions of dollars collected and distributed by the so-called charity societies — money collected in the form of donations from ordinary people.Much of this money has been channeled to destroy ...... read more

Comment on Ghabra article 7/20/2017

I t looks like our colleague Hamed AlHamoud is not the only thinker in Kuwait who believes the Muslim Brotherhood can be allowed into political mainstream as an effective movement. Our colleague and friend Shafiq AlGhabra wrote an article at the beginning of this month wondering why a group of effective Arab countries labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Their decision, he says, gives rise to many questions about the extent to which the Arab system is identical to the Amer ...... read more

It happens only in Kuwait? 7/17/2017

Afew may have neither been angry nor ashamed of what I wrote last Wednesday concerning the fake degrees although it may have tainted their conscience. The widespread scandal is not new because persons at all levels have bene- fited on the strength of fake certificates and degrees. There are approximately thousands of people who actually hold intermediate school certificates but have acquired jobs in the military and other places on the strength of fake degrees. Many were promoted although they h ...... read more

Shariati ... man of peace 7/14/2017

The Iranian intellectual Ali Shariati, 1933- 1977, is considered one of the best thinkers of the twentieth century in Iran in spite of his religious leanings. Shariati is also seen by many as one of the ideologues of the Iranian revolution led later by Ayatollah Khomeini. Shariati graduated from the Faculty of Arts and in 1959 was sent by the then Shah to complete his studies in France. He received his doctorate in religion and sociology in the history of Islam from the prestigious Sorbonne Univ ...... read more

The great moral crime 7/13/2017

The investigations in the issue of the so-called ‘fake degrees’ is an ongoing process at the Anti-Corruption Authority of Kuwait. Those who hold these certificates allegedly acquired them from one of the best educational institutions. According to investigators hundreds of such certificates were issued by the American University of Athens (AUA) which incidentally is just one apartment in a building. When the Authority summoned, a number of people who hold certificates from the AUA, h ...... read more

Learn from the enemy 7/12/2017

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Contradictory statements 7/11/2017

When I recollect the names of those who had a role in the Muslim Brotherhood movement over the past half century, especially those who were poor at that time, I find most of them, if not all of them, have become financially comfortable. And a few of them have made great fortunes, in addition to the great political, social and family standing. Despite the religious character of the Brotherhood, they have always been closer to pragmatism and reaching out to the observant unlike the other people wh ...... read more

Easier road to paradise 7/10/2017

The societies of the world have been plagued by certain types of clergymen and the civilized fell prey to their teachings and beliefs and embraced their backwardness, power and control over the destinies of their peoples except for the past few centuries after the separation of the Church or religious establishment in those States from politics.As a result of this separation, the human mind was revolutionized to encompass all social, scientific, medical, philosophical and other fields. All this ...... read more

Wake up before it’s late 7/6/2017

Aproverb or a saying attributed to Ali bin Abi Taleb, the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), says: ‘Work for this world as if you will live forever and work for the life-after as if you will die tomorrow’. But in this article we will make a slight change to this famous proverb and say, ‘Work for your homeland as if oil will remain forever and work more for your homeland as if oil will run out tomorrow’. Yes, what will hurt us if we think in terms of our onl ...... read more

Memories of Abu Nicola 7/5/2017

Our Lebanese friend, Abu Nicola, who has worked in Kuwait for many years, made good friendships, taught his children in Kuwaiti schools and received good treatment in the country’s hospitals. Abu Nicola had to leave Kuwait when the country was invaded by Saddam Hussein’s army, but returned after the liberation, worked for a while and returned to Lebanon after his retirement. Commenting on the recent attack on expatriate residents, Abu Nicola says, whenever he picks up a newspaper or ...... read more

Root cause of problems – Supporters aplenty 7/4/2017

‘The Muslim Brotherhood is the origin of the scourge. All our problems came from the Muslim Brotherhood and those who created these currents and spread their ideals,” said Nayef Bin Abdulaziz in 2002.“The Muslim Brotherhood is the third biggest threat to Saudi Arabia after Iran and terrorism,” Mohammad Bin Salman said in 2017.Liars are those who claim that the Muslim Brotherhood is a peaceful group, does not seek evil, does not plan to overthrow regimes, does not aspire t ...... read more

The enviable bunch 7/3/2017

I asked a friend, who has been dealing with tens of thousands of South East Asian workers over the years to choose the best nationality among these workers. Do not think that I will look racist or prejudiced in this article when I write about a group of residents, as long as my writing about them will not go beyond the truth, and at the same time reflects the reality of the situation based on the records available in police stations.He surprised me by saying that the Bangladeshi worker is the mo ...... read more

The pampered citizens – Govt generosity exploited 6/22/2017

As part of its social responsibility, the State provides assistance to many categories of people in our society, such as the widows, divorcees, the elders, housewives, the disabled and others.The generosity has exceeded the limit and large sums of money are given to a citizen who is willing to work in the private sector rather than work in a relatively secure and comfortable position in the government.The State also grants loan without interest to those who wish to marry, in addition to a KD 2,0 ...... read more

‘Look for the beneficiary’ – Charity funds trail unclear 6/21/2017

On June 17, the Al-Qabas local news editor wrote: the Al-Qabas has learnt that the charity organizations have set three conditions for those in need to be eligible for aid.The needy must adopt the doctrine of the donor organization or association, a resident of the area, and must be well-known by the area cleric.The editor said the needy people were taken by surprise when these charities admitted to having large sums of money allocated for them, and that the money could only be disbursed to the ...... read more

Musk and Caliphate capital 6/20/2017

One fine day we will get up in the morning and discover that the price of a liter of oil is equal to ten liters of water. This will be a blessing in disguise for majority of the oil importing countries but a curse to the backward countries which solely depend on oil as the only source of income. For them it will be a question of survival.In spite of all this, these backward countries are still moving on the same track. These countries are preoccupied with ever increasing the salaries of their em ...... read more

Innocent until proven guilty – ‘Not here to harm interests’ 6/19/2017

Writing to harm the interests or the reputation of others is not my objective, but sometimes some people do not like what I write or believe that I want to harm them and resort to the judiciary which is their right.When I look back 2016 for me was exceptional in quality and the number of lawsuits filed against me and the accompanying ‘not guilty’ verdict in all cases including the one that was filed by a doctor who is the son of a well-known writer member of a party because in my wri ...... read more

Smile back on sad faces – Elderly expats get reprieve 6/18/2017

After hesitation which did not last for long, the General Department of Residence Affairs has decided to cancel or, rather, amend its previous decision to refuse to renew the residence permits of parents and siblings living in the country on family visa after the administration identified the negative aspects of the decision on the reputation of Kuwait because the issue is related to the fate of more than 11,000 people living in the country.These people were given a three-month deadline to prepa ...... read more

Revolution long overdue 6/15/2017

The education in Kuwait needs complete overhaul through a qualitative revolution in the curricula.It is clear that all of our misfortunes, our backwardness, the deviation of our youth from the goal can all be attributed to strange religious interpretations.Our youth are dying in unwanted combat on battlefields which are not alien to them. Unemployment has taken the toll on them, their morale is low and the same can be said of education which has reached very low ebb.They have lost the meaning fo ...... read more

Giving … offers inner peace 6/14/2017

For many years now I was under the impression that man lived to be happy and on this subject I have written a few articles both from my personal point of view and the experiences of others, including psychologists because this is what I always believed in.A recent book I read shows when we make our goal in life to be happy and strive for happiness; we may end up feeling lonely and unhappy, so it is worth making our lives more ‘meaningful’.Looking for happiness by focusing on satisfyi ...... read more

‘Learn from thy enemy’ – ‘Shun racism, sectarianism’ 6/13/2017

India, and certainly the United States or America, has one of the world’s most diverse religions, sects, faiths and languages. In an article written by Saudi colleague Fahad Al-Ahmad said in America alone, which is the main destination for migrants and the oppressed, thousands of religions and sects are recognized and the followers are allowed to freely practice their rituals without being disturbed because they are protected by the law.In the United States, there are more than 47 Islamic ...... read more

Pot calling kettle black – I am a denier … 6/12/2017

A statement said to have been issued by the leaders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement in Cairo comes at a time when the region is in turmoil accompanied by painful events and pressure mounting on the movement’s cadres in more than one country.This means the financial might and the media power of the movement is diminishing. The statement, if assumed true since it has not been denied by anyone, contains insults hurled at several parties and looks like nothing less than a declarati ...... read more

Haunting ghost of Tesla – ‘Hard times ahead’ 6/11/2017

The late, Khamis Najm, teacher of English at the Al-Siddiq School in the mid-1950s was making fun of us (the students) and criticizing us because of our laziness and our neglectful attitude. He always said a day will come and Kuwait will run dry of oil and wondered what would happen to us then.If this is what he wished for, his prayers were answered too late, but it came close to reality with every step taken by Tesla, the American electric car manufacturer, a revolution in the automotive indust ...... read more

The amazing American 6/8/2017

SLOWLY, the train moved in and around Portland, Oregon, which is famous for its ethnic diversity. It slowed down and stopped at the next station and two girls entered one of the compartments.Their appearance and the veil which one of them wore clearly show they were Muslims. All of a sudden, one of the passengers started humiliating them with discriminatory racial and religious slurs, despising the girls, Islam and Muslims.The atmosphere became very tense inside the train. It was clear the man w ...... read more

Failed financial support – ‘Better vision need of hour’ 6/7/2017

Da’am in the Kuwaiti dialect means collision or crashing into or with something like in the case of two vehicles, but here it means ‘support’ when translated to English.Financial da’am ‘support’ is expression meaning money earned by those who choose to work in the private sector, instead of the public sector and are being compensated by the government because of the low salary scale in the private sector.This also means those who choose to work in private sect ...... read more

‘Bye bye free trade zone’ – ‘Sultan brainchild in disarray’ 6/5/2017

I am sure the late Jamil Al-Sultan who died of severe illness left this world with a pang in his heart because of the several government decisions which affected his dreams and his projects and one of them was the Free Zone which was confiscated from the national company he owned.The government failed to manage it and it would have been better if the management was left in the hands of Al-Sultan. I won’t be wrong if I say this rampant administrative chaos strikes at the very heart of the e ...... read more

‘Let’s work for progress’ 6/4/2017

The universities in America, Canada, the Central American republics and the Philippines celebrate the graduation of a new batch of students and assign one of the graduates to give a farewell speech to the teaching staff, colleagues, parents and friends before they receive the graduation certificates and move forward in life.The person who is chosen to give a farewell speech is called the valedictorian and usually has the highest score or has distinction in his/her field.Other universities, on th ...... read more

Solace found in West – Why go to ‘unbelievers’ ? 6/1/2017

This article is an extract from an article written by the Syrian colleague Mohammad Al-Bawadi and posted on the Phoenix website.Many people, intelligent, ignorant or ordinary, say the same thing about us being backward. They say the reason is we are nowhere near Islam. However, did Japan, the United States, Europe, China and even Russia progress because they are close to Islam or any other religion?Is adherence to Sharia or religion the secret of their stability? What is the relationship between ...... read more

Unjustified decision 5/31/2017

THE Ministry of Interior took a dramatic decision concerning the non-renewal of family visas for the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of expatriates residing in Kuwait.  The decision limited issuance of family visit visa to the wife and children.A security source disclosed the relevant official bodies in the six governorates have been instructed not to renew visas of the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of expatriates living in the country.  He said the decision stipulates ...... read more

The three stations! 5/30/2017

THE first station – When Abdul Fattah el-Sisi received power after the revolution that had rescued Egypt and the region from the evil of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, the media declared that an Egyptian officer had invented a machine that can treat Hepatitis C and AIDS as well as other such diseases.Such an announcement was aimed at creating propaganda for the Egyptian Army.At that time we mocked the so-called healing machine, claiming it is impossible for an officer with low technical and ...... read more

O’ Sheikh Salman … Where are you? – Previous airport administration failed 5/25/2017

IT WILL take time to complete the new passenger terminal project at Kuwait International Airport. Until then, millions of passengers must endure the present miserable conditions of the airport, especially the issue of malfunctioning toilets. The toilets in service are not even enough for employees of the airport, not to mention the millions of passengers!More often than not, the passport counters are vacant — although they are enough to serve passengers, and securitymen are always missing ...... read more

Al-Nafisi and Al-Rabe’e 5/24/2017

ABDULLAH Al-Nafisi holds many titles, including the political analyst, former MP, former academic and university professor, outstanding writer, debater and media figure.He also has a large following that hold his theories and thoughts in high esteem. He is somehow liken to the fortune tellers who are usually interviewed on television to predict the unforeseen or forthcoming events for the New Year. He predicts the future of each leader in the region, and of course, some of his predictions have c ...... read more

Who hangs the bell? 5/23/2017

SOME people believe that I am fond of criticizing specific positions and statements of a specific group of clerics. This is probably true, and I will not deny it. The truth will be known in the last part of the article.In a TV advert, the advertiser raised the issue of observing Umrah in Ramadan and said many people cannot perform Umrah in the holy month because of insufficient funds, ample time or lack of permit for that purpose. To those people, we say you should seek the heavenly reward of Um ...... read more

No, Your Highness the PM 5/22/2017

IN HIS recent and only television interview, HH the Prime Minister said the questionnaires showed that the housing issue is a priority for citizens, and consequently, for the MPs. He believes security should be the first priority pointing out that when security is settled, production increases and the rest of the fields flourish.This statement is very fine but not accurate. Despite the importance of settling security such that no people can live or achieve anything without it, this could be dece ...... read more

It is our choice! 5/20/2017

ENEMIES of Islamic extremism or the religion’s enemies in general claim that religions, despite their important role, were not aimed at establishing civilizations or states but came as messages for ensuring good for humanity.According to the late philosopher Ahmed Al-Baghdadi, to whose viewpoint we agree, there is nothing called Islamic civilization, Christian civilization, Jewish civilization, Buddhist civilization or Hindu civilization. There are civilizations connected to Muslim countri ...... read more

Demography according to Al-Sabeeh! 5/18/2017

THE reason behind the demographic imbalance in the country is the failure of the government in confronting this issue. We will not deny the efforts being exerted by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh, who had suggested a number of solutions to solve this problem.The issue is linked to the entire government, not just a specific minister. In fact, Al-Sabeeh believes any real change in the demographic structure will have negative consequences ...... read more

What a dilemma! 5/16/2017

MANY countries, big and small, come to us, seeking good relations with us. They send their representatives to us, not because of our cultural importance, strong economy, our population which is less than one third of the Indian population, our stock of ballistic missiles or even our oil which is soon becoming of very low value.The reason is the rabble living among us who have been threatening international security and harming the financial markets of the West. They destroyed our tourism and our ...... read more

The wonderful Mutairi – ‘Policeman’ deserved to be honored 5/15/2017

LAST Thursday as I was driving back home, it was past 3pm and the temperature was about 34 degree Centigrade. I then noticed a patrol vehicle stop behind a small pickup vehicle on a side road parallel to the Fifth Ring Road.I wanted to see what had happened but I couldn’t reverse my car, so I drove to the next U-turn, which made me cross half of Jabriya area. This took 30 minutes off my lunch break but it was definitely worth it.When I reached the location and parked my car, I saw a sight ...... read more

Arabs and conspiracy theory (Part 2) 5/14/2017

IN THE article written by Mohammad Al-Hashmi for the news website “Shafaf”, he wondered about the role played by Arab leaders during the period that determined the destiny of the entire Arab world.There is no doubt that such a role was nil, as their abilities are very low compared to that of the Jewish leaders. On one hand, the Jewish leaders possessed outstanding qualifications that paved their way for establishing good relations with the international powers. On the other hand, the ...... read more

Arabs and conspiracy theory 5/11/2017

MOHAMMAD Al-Hashmi wrote an extended article for the news website “Shafaf”, explaining the international circumstances that led to the issuance of the Belfour Declaration.I will try to summarize the article and give my comment in brief.Al-Hashmi said the declaration was issued due to many reasons but did not include harming Muslims. The idea that Muslims were the target of the declaration is considered as an attempt to evade responsibility and play the role of victim.Conspiracy theor ...... read more

Cleaning the ‘stairs’ 5/9/2017

The Tanzanian President John Magufuli is considered one of the biggest enemies of corruption.On the first day he was elected about two years ago, Magufuli took firm actions against corrupt employees. When he made a random visit to the Civil Service Council, he issued strict penalties against employees who were absent. He cancelled lavish celebrations and reduced the budget for official banquets. He banned overseas state-sponsored travel for all state officials except the president, vice-presiden ...... read more

The most important spare part – ‘Drive safely’ 5/9/2017

SUMMER is back, bringing some problems for cars. Nothing in the car requires us to be sure about more than the tyres which, in many cases, separate life and death.Due to extreme temperatures in Kuwait, tyres deteriorate faster than usual so they need special care. We should check the tyres frequently to ensure they have no cracks. We should inspect the metal ring as well.Every time we buy new tyres, we must pay attention to the production date that should not be more than two years from the purc ...... read more

Superstition of origins 5/6/2017

There has been a recent increase in the circulation of lists related to the origins of Kuwaiti families and tribes. These lists have many true facts which are actually not significant, but what is important to note is that these lists include large number of false claims and serious mistakes which cannot be taken lightly.The information included in those lists is not in harmony with the trend of this era, which does not give much importance to such matters.It is known fact that the more urban a ...... read more

‘The Devil’s Horse’ – Cheap mode of public transport 5/4/2017

Bicycle is a cheap mode of public transportation especially in poor countries. It has recently become fashionable and a sport in advanced countries, and is considered as an ideal way to traverse through crowded cities. It also symbolizes the need to save the environment.More than one billion and 200 million bicycles are produced per year. Most of them are manufactured and used in China. From the time bicycles were invented in 1885 and used throughout the last 130 years, very few changes have bee ...... read more

We are the easy target – Our countries have seeds of corruption 5/3/2017

Yuri Bezmenov is regarded as one of the most famous intelligence agents of the Soviet Union who eventually defected to the West.He was born in Moscow where he studied the Eastern languages and then worked as a translator for a Soviet economical aid group in India. When he discovered the group had been exploiting the resources of India in favor of the Soviet Union, he quit his work in India and returned to Moscow where he worked at RIA Novosti as a detective and a propagator of false news. He was ...... read more

The gagging machine – Authority fails to achieve goals 5/2/2017

SIX years ago the government established the Public Authority for Caring and Printing and Publication of the Holy Quran, Sunna and their Sciences.Since everyone has several copies of the Holy Quran, and the Kuwaiti market is basically small, the distribution should have been diverted to foreign countries. However, many countries ban the entry of the Holy Quran including Saudi Arabia.In this regard, according to the report of the Budget Committee of the National Assembly, the final account of the ...... read more

Need to set facts right 5/1/2017

I consider brother Hamza Abbas Hussein a master and a decent man. He had mastered the art of banking and was secretary of the monetary council. When I was learning the basics of banking he became the first governor of the Central Bank of Kuwait. This honorable personality has a clean history.Hamza has written an article for the Al-Qabas daily. Those who have read the article have been hurt not only because of the deliberate distortion of his professional history but because this distortion has d ...... read more

Women too can join force – Mandatory service 4/29/2017

Kuwait has known, before everyone else, the compulsory military service. This has always been the case with Kuwait, before the issue was deliberately put on the backburner.The conscription would have been successful and would have achieved much if it had not been pushed into the maze of misuse. The system totally collapsed with the early hours’ despicable invasion of the country by Saddam Hussein.The system remained forgotten for more than a quarter of a century and has been reinstated wit ...... read more

Obsession of Erdogan 4/26/2017

When we look at the results of the referendum recently organized by Turkey to amend the Constitution, the Constitution that dates back to the Ataturk era (1923), it has become crystal clear that most major cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Mersin and Bodrum have voted ‘No’ to the constitutional amendments which were propagated by the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.These people are not aware of the consequences. They are not aware how the amend ...... read more

‘We hide more, show less’ – Art binds Kuwaitis 4/25/2017

I received a CD of songs enclosed in an elegant envelope, a gift from the Al Rai Media Group, with the following wonderful text: “The music was and is the companion of the Kuwaitis during their sea voyages and travels; when they sat together after a hard day’s work. They enjoyed the drumbeats and music on stringed instruments, wind beating their semi-bare bodies, hands clasped and hearts filled with happiness.The CD contains old Kuwaiti songs which have filled the hearts of generatio ...... read more

Love overcomes faith – Passion for dark Arab eyes 4/24/2017

Commenting on the article ‘Going down the history’ of Marguerite, Mohammad and Jane, a friend of mine after reading my article wrote a letter asking me why some people are more interested in the tales of Westerners, men and women, who fall in love with Muslim Arabs in particular, to the point of abandoning their families, homelands, and religious beliefs.Why do we pay much attention to such events while ignoring similar stories of Africans or Indians, for example, news about abandoni ...... read more

Twisting the truth – A bridge too far 4/20/2017

If you want to know the truth about people look at who represent them in their Parliament and you will know which people deserve a shower of rose petals and who deserve shoes to be hurled at them, according to the British leader the late Sir Winston Churchill.I do not care about the real intentions of the MPs who have supported the proposed amendments to the Nationality Law. Most of them have a direct interest in the amendment for fear of what they cannot deal with and therefore they attempt to ...... read more

Going down the history lane — II 4/19/2017

On our way back to the hotel, we met the New Zealander Marguerite van Geldermalsen who had a poster by her shop located at the heart of the Bedouin area. She wore Bedouin clothes in the photo on the cover of Arabic edition of a book she wrote titled ‘I am married to a Bedouin’ published by Al-Obeikan Publishing.Accompanied by her friend Elisabeth, Marguerite had gone to Petra in 1978 as a tourist and met a Bedouin man named Mohammad Abdullah who owned a humble gifts shop. She fell in ...... read more

Going down the history pathway 4/18/2017

A friend of mine invited me to a family event held in a hotel off the Dead Sea and extended our stay to nine days. The weather was excellent as we toured Petra and Amman enjoying the exceptional Jordanian hospitality.The tour of Petra was amazing, as we traveled the magical and vague path of history, navigating about 2,000 years into the past with endless obscurity. It’s said that Anbat Arabs originated from Yemen and inhabited Petra after they migrated due to a natural disaster. It’ ...... read more

And the push goes on – Taking it sitting down 4/13/2017

I was a little over ten years old when I heard about the Balfour Declaration from our Palestinian teacher. It was in the mid-1950s when I was a student of the Al-Sabah Elementary School. It is 100 years ago Britain sympathized with the Zionist aspirations and made a promise to the Rothschild family for a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. Our ordeal began with this promise, statement, or the Balfour D e c l a r a t i o n .The Declaration was translated on Nov 2, 1917 by our friend G h a n i m A ...... read more

Axing our own feet? 4/12/2017

A church pastor in a small American town was taken by surprise when he discovered some people in the community were planning to construct a liquor bar in front of his church. He immediately approached the concerned authorities with a request to stop the construction but the latter found no convincing justification.The pastor then challenged the authority for issuing the permit, but he discovered all the conditions required for the construction were met by the owners. He then offered to buy the b ...... read more

Donate for good cause – Help out center of life 4/6/2017

Children are divided into two categories – one normal or highly intelligent and two, slow learning, or those with mental disabilities. The first category is divided into two categories: those who do not complain about learning disabilities and those who complain.One who is suffering from the learning disability may be highly intelligent or even a genius but because he did not get proper attention to his condition, for some or the other reason, he may have deviated and caused headache to th ...... read more

Sorry state of road affairs 4/5/2017

The government did establish the Road and Land Transport Authority three years ago and its task is to manage and supervise the construction of Metro and rail lines, maintenance of road networks, carry out technical inspection of vehicles, issue licenses, installation and maintain traffic signals, provide and manage parking lots for vehicles and trucks, supervise driving learning and truck weighing stations.Almost three years have passed and the Ministry of Public Works, the General Traffic Depar ...... read more

Who is supporting DAESH? 4/3/2017

Apart from the speeches of condemnation, atonement and insults, we must admit that all what is said and written that the Islamic State or the socalled DAESH does not represent the fundamentalist Islam is untrue.From a historical point of view, the approach of DAESH is fundamentalist in all its culture and the source of ideological radical religious movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood movement and the al-Qaeda network.It is the same ideology that separates these radical movements because of ...... read more

Call to MPs conscience 3/29/2017

On its electronic web page, the Al-Qabas newspaper conducted a poll and asked the opinion of readers on the draft bill to reduce the retirement age of male government employees to 55 years and the period of service to 25 years and the retirement age for women 45 years with actual service of 20 years. As expected, a majority voted for the bill. It was like a mass suicide committed by groups of whales who headed to the seashore and ended their lives on the sand.The very possibility of this draft l ...... read more

The Palestinian teacher – Motivation breeds success 3/22/2017

I have received several replies to my earlier article which I wrote under the title ‘Farcical …’, particularly the last paragraph.Most of these replies are negative and I understand the feelings of the readers. I have also received some positive replies and the one which touched me is the response from one of the readers, Ra’ed. He said hiring the Palestinian teachers and not allowing them to bring in their families to live with them will not bring the desired result or ...... read more

Miracle in Municipality – ‘Graft to end’ 3/20/2017

I accepted the invitation from Engineer Ahmad Al-Manfouhi to attend a lecture on ‘The New Municipality’ with sisters and brothers of those who were interested in public affairs. What we saw on the screen and we what we heard from senior Municipal officials was strange.However it was a source for joy. I say this because of the hardships the citizens have suffered over the past half a century. During the lecture I forgot about all the hardships, although it was short-lived, thinking of ...... read more

Giving back citizenship – ‘Law same for all’ 3/16/2017

I wish the empty controversy that surrounds the reinstatement of the revoked nationalities will end and nothing will change.Opening the door in this direction will not be in the interest of the nation because the issue is not related to revoking nationalities of certain people and then reinstating them for one reason or the other under some pretexts.It is rather a question of moral values, dignity and prestige of the ruling system. Either the government erred by withdrawing the citizenship from ...... read more

Society’s reply little late – Points to ponder 3/15/2017

I am not supposed to respond to an article written by the Vice-President of the ‘Patients Helping Fund’ society because for more than ten years, the society had ignored responding to my articles in which I had accused the society of negligence. However, out of respect to the father of the vice-president, Rashid Al- Tawheed, and the role he has played at the national level and because I want to ask some questions, I have decided to reply this time. If I was the lawyer of your society, ...... read more

Farcical education sector! – Why blame expats? 3/14/2017

When the late Khalid Al-Masoud was Minister of Education in the mid-sixties, he founded the Institute of Teachers and everyone who opted to join this institute were given a persuasive amount of money and I almost fell for the trap because of the ‘grant’.The number of those who joined the institute increased dramatically so the ministry had to build makeshift classrooms to accommodate the students who would perform their national duty and earn the respect of all.Today, after half a ce ...... read more

Happens only in Kuwait – From rags to riches 3/13/2017

This is a story about what happens nowhere in the world whose wide world but in Kuwait and there are not many like it.It is a story of a man who was born in a modest family of an Arab father and a Kuwaiti mother. When he was young, he was very ambitious and had an overwhelming desire to achieve something in life and ultimately he ended up with a group of religious people. As he prepared his way forward he added something to his name, the word ibn which means ‘son of’.He then grew his ...... read more

Difference between us, them – Look after her rights 3/9/2017

The Kuwaiti society, like a majority of other Arab and Muslim communities, is a male-dominated society and women seldom play a role, with a few exceptions.It is very rare to see women confronting men in the courts, because of most of the legislations which are biased in favor of men, especially those issues related to divorce, alimony and guardianship, in addition to the man’s attitude for the woman’s rights as a human being.This situation is not limited only to her husband but often ...... read more

For State, citizens benefit – Defending no parties 3/8/2017

A few weeks ago there was commotion after the Central Tenders Committee (CTC) approved a big tender to supply feed pipes to a new refinery project to produce low-cost oil.As has been reported, this happened in 2014, when a senior official at the CTC returned from abroad, pulled out the tender documents from his drawer and gave his approval almost single-handedly in favor of a specific company . The tender was worth KD 290 million.However, the tender was rejected by the Supreme Petroleum Council ...... read more

Religious, ethnic tussles aplenty despite poor literacy rate 3/7/2017

A total of 4,000 personalities in the field of politics and economy took part in the Fifth World Government Summit which was held in Dubai on Feb 25, 2017.The participants included heads of the International Atomic Energy Agency, world renowned companies, research institutes and reputed universities such as Harvard, Oxford, in addition to heads of nations and senior politicians.The summit, which is now considered as one of the most important to foresee the future saw a number of changes and expa ...... read more

Nation stuck in trivialities – ‘Development scarce’ 3/1/2017

Some time ago, the Court of Appeals in Mauritania sentenced to death writer Mohammad Ould Omekhetir, on charges of apostasy, after he was arrested for publishing an article in which he talked about the facts back to the era of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but the Supreme Court overturned the death sentence.The verdict angered the Mauritanians and the capital Nouakchott witnessed mass protests which later spread to many other cities.As usual the protesters marched in large demonstrations and carr ...... read more

Graphite pencil, rubber trees 2/28/2017

Almost all people of the earth irrespective of what they know work in harmony to benefit or get benefit.  This harmony or what we call accidental coordination is often represented mainly in industries which require material which more often than not is available in one particular state.If we take a simple substance such as pencil, we will know that there is no single state which can alone manufacture it.The pencil which is made in France, for example, requires wood from the forests of Canad ...... read more

Don’t leave all to ‘mama’ – ‘Fulfil duty to nation’ 2/22/2017

Due to an inadvertent error I failed to appear before the judge during the court session but my efficient lawyer, Adawia Aldgeshm, who has been assigned to defend me in the case of journalism required my appearance in person before the judge and convinced the judge to hear my testimony in the deliberations room after the end of the court session.I waited in the courtroom for nearly half an hour, waiting be summoned by the judge. During that time I sat in the crowded public hall, the majority of ...... read more

Avarice goes before morals? – Practice what you preach 2/21/2017

Last week, the Giza Criminal Court in Cairo, presided by Judge Abdul-Shafi Al-Sayyed Othman, sentenced former Egyptian minister of Irrigation Mohammad Nasr Allam, and a businessman, member of the Egyptian People’s Assembly and Board Chairman of the Egyptian-Kuwaiti Company for land reclamation Ahmad Abdul Salam Quora to seven years imprisonment for ‘wasting’ 37,126 billion Egyptian pounds of public money.The former minister helped the Egyptian-Kuwaiti Company to claim over 26,0 ...... read more

Traders in State diseases – ‘Society’ above the law 2/20/2017

To open foodstuffs shop one requires quite some time, which may take up to six months and this period includes finding a place, money, rent and getting approval from the concerned authorities, in addition to other accompanying complications.But there is a society affiliated to a radical religious party, and there was a great argument about the behavior of most of the Board members concerning an undisclosed sum of money being embezzled running into millions.There is no dispute on all the pre-requ ...... read more

Talk we don’t want to hear — II 2/18/2017

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi said the entry of Arab history has not made any contribution but rather hindered the progress, and that means if we listen to the news we will see clearly that we are the big obstructers in the march of human civilization and this is horrible.All our news is concerning violence, murder, massacres, bombing and mass graves topped with ignorance. However, we are confident that we alone are the guided people while the rest of the humans are the followers of the devil.If we review ...... read more

Talk we do not want to hear – It is Greek for some 2/16/2017

Saudi scholar Ibrahim Al-Buleihi says the Arabs have not provided any added value to human civilization, and that what is attributed to them by the intellectual and scientific achievements was originally accomplished by Greek individuals. He added, what distinguishes the West is that history is an extension of Greek and the Roman history.He told the Arab Net TV Channel that the communities remain constant, and do not accept change in their ideas, without the intellectual and practical shake up.H ...... read more

‘Confront the radical mind’ 2/15/2017

Adel Al-Kalbani of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most controversial clerics in a deeply conservative society. He issued a fatwa in 2010 saying singing and playing musical instruments was not ‘haram’ under the pretext there is nothing mentioned in Islam to prevent it but the fatwa drew opposition from the rest of the clergy and some of them demanded that Kalbani should be held accountable for that.He also announced recently that he will not prevent his daughters from driving c ...... read more

Shobokshi, India, Pakistan 2/14/2017

A few years ago I wrote about a very embarrassing incident which I experienced at the home of a friend, when I met with the Ambassador of India who asked me about the nature of my activity.I told him before I answer his question I would like to know from him why all this industrial and human, cultural and military differences, between India and Pakistan, in spite of the fact both are one people.I also asked him why Pakistan has become administratively backward, corrupt and violent and is linked ...... read more

Defenders of honor, virtue – Two faces of same coin 2/13/2017

They call for wearing the veil, and fight the unveiled. They call for segregation of the two sexes from kindergarten to the university level.They call for virtue, decency and dignity, and demand parents and couples to prevent their daughters and the wives pleasures of finery. They urge their families to wear clothing that covers their body, preferably the attire of the Taleban women.They hate women, cheerleaders, privately and publicly, and oblige her to remain at home and obey her husband, acce ...... read more

‘Privatization right solution’ – ‘Shun Stone Age, go for stars’ 2/11/2017

When I wanted to receive a reply to my letter on the same day when I was working in the UK, I was eager to post the letter in the box before nine in the morning and the reply would come to me before five in the evening. I do not think that the situation has changed a lot now.When I read in one of the responses to my article on the status of the postal service in Kuwait, I remembered whatever I saw in one of the comic episodes of Mr Bean. In the episode Mr Bean addresses the letter to himself and ...... read more

Ports at point of no return – ‘Save what we can’ 2/9/2017

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote in October 2003, under the title, ‘Will Sheikh Sabah Al-Ali resign?After I read what was published by the Al-Qabas newspaper on its front page on September 24 and the continuation on another page, was about the unfortunate, terrifying tragic facts about the condition of three ports in the country.These facts were highlighted by our colleague Ahmad Al-Rubei in his column about the conditions of the Shuwaikh Port.Al-Rubei wrote again about the awful ...... read more

‘Cats’ breath of fresh air – Gift in times of stress 2/8/2017

When I lived in London I had the pleasure of attending the first show of the universal musical ‘Cats’ which will run for four days from Feb 9 to 12, at the Opera House in Kuwait. Since I will be outside the country, I will miss the opportunity to watch this musical again.The musical ‘Cats’, which was staged for the first time more than 35 years ago, is one of the most popular and successful British musical, which contains the famous song ‘Memory’ which has alr ...... read more

Poet called ‘Two Masters’ 2/7/2017

Prominent Kuwaiti poet Mullah Abdeen Baqer, a.k.a. ‘Two Masters’ because he mastered Arabic and Persian, jokingly recited ‘Grapico blackino after greyano and sweetano, and after ripanio sourano”. Of course this means nothing either in Arabic or Persian but he wanted to say was ‘Grapes turned from green to black and from sweet to sour. It was Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah who gave him the name Two Masters.Mullah Abdeen wrote the following line on the Gate of the Seif Palac ...... read more

Focus on history, heritage – Al-Saeedan son of soil 2/6/2017

Hamad Mohammad Al-Saeedan was born in Kuwait almot 80 years ago and died at the age of 52. He was a diplomat, a scholar and a linguist and author of the concise Kuwait encyclopedia, which tells the story of Kuwaiti society, its language, its vocabulary and translations, customs and traditions of all kinds, etiquette and folklore wisdom and philosophy in life.The encyclopedia, which took seven years to complete, also tells about the Kuwaiti land, deserts and vegetation, birds, weather and the sea ...... read more

Post adds to services rot – Where do we go? 2/2/2017

Reader Ala’a says: When the education is so bad in our country, and the health services are on the decline and our roads are in such a mess that the fragile windshields of our cars cannot withstand the force of the flying gravel on our roads, it is useless to complain about the poor level of postal services.It may seem so, but the fact that all state services have reached the same level and the poor citizens and residents have to bear the brunt of our road when the windshields give way, bu ...... read more

Why do we blame the US? 2/1/2017

Regardless of our opinion about Donald Trump, he’ll remain the American President for the next four years and tenure might even be extended to eight years. For this reason, we need to coexist with reality, knowing the unprecedented opposition Trump faces at home and abroad.For the first time, we see ethnic and religious minorities, the press, artists and most politicians, including members of the Republican Party declaring their objection to the American President but the dangerous scenari ...... read more

First step in anti-graft war 1/31/2017

AL-QABAS newspaper never had an editorial as sad and disappointing as the one published on Jan 26. The topic was about Kuwait being ranked as the worst Gulf country in terms of corruption.It is very difficult to hear such news about Kuwait especially since it used to be called “The Pearl of Gulf” and was known for its relatively deep-rooted democracy.Kuwait has deteriorated by 20 degrees within just one year. According to the International Transparency Index, this is the worst perfor ...... read more

‘End strife on power road’ – Liberals pursuing illusion 1/30/2017

Some of the hardcore liberalists, not fake ones like me, believe that it is possible to control the Muslim Brotherhood Group and “tame” them. They think the Muslim Brotherhood Group leaders can be merged into the political flow after the ban on them is lifted. They argue that this group is similar to the Christian parties in Europe, which, over time, became close to the liberalist parties. They also think that the Muslim Brotherhood Group members will accept the rules of democracy an ...... read more

Kuwait different today – ‘Thanks for breaking monotony’ 1/28/2017

An Egyptian satirist Jalal Amer once said, “Advanced countries place their citizens on the head but the governments of developing countries place their citizens inside the head”. He also said, “What is great about our countries is that they put carbon papers between days of the week so that all days become similar”.Hence, we have been facing similar days, similar months and similar years for more than thirty years. This unfortunately came along with continuous deteriorati ...... read more

Slaves to technology 1/26/2017

No doubt, most of us are being carried away by information technology and have become slaves to our smartphones. Our attention is often captured by the huge number of messages that comes to us every minute. Most of the time, these messages are trivial, silly and not worth wasting time for downloading and reading or watching.Social media represents a double-edged sword that can either be used properly for spreading valuable messages and exchanging serious information or for spreading rumors, triv ...... read more

‘It takes two to tango’ – Moral degradation peaks 1/25/2017

The efficient Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh revealed that there are more than 57,000 cases of people in Kuwait who have been pretending to be physically disabled in order to receive monthly allowances from the state for years.Al-Sabeeh said many of them forged their medical reports for changing their level of disability from simple or partial to complete disability in order to receive allowances while staying in their homes.The abovementioned number of cases is really huge. ...... read more

‘Learn to do your own work’ – ‘Sacrifice interests’ 1/24/2017

We along with many others have been urging the government to rationalize expenditures, reduce salaries and allowances of major state officials, cancel tenders that are not urgent, and close down inactive bodies such as the authority for revising laws.There were a number of MPs who called for increased restrictions on expatriates, obligating them to pay taxes and higher fees. In addition there were calls to reduce or cancel the subsidies offered to citizens, impose taxes on them, increase the cus ...... read more

Virtuous have peaceful sleep 1/23/2017

Joe Biden is considered as a model of professional politician in the West. He started his political career at a very early age of 29 years as the Senator of Delaware State near Washington.During his time as a senator, Biden used to take the train to the Congress and back. It seems he used to take the same train to get home after he ended his term as the Vice-President of the strongest country in the world.In 2008, Barack Obama chose Biden as his Vice-President. Together they had completed the se ...... read more

Need green areas to breathe 1/19/2017

Al-Seyassah daily published an article written by our friend (the gentleman) Fahd Al-Me’ejel in which he requested HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who’s the most outstanding personality in Kuwait, to intervene and prevent the transformation of the old Ministry of Public Works premises in Mirqab (Kuwait City) to a financial center, as he cares about the environment.According to the gentleman, the aforementioned area, which is approximately 0.5 kilometers, will be ...... read more

Gas stations and Failaka (II) 1/18/2017

Failaka Island used to supply Kuwait with required quantity of vegetables, when it caught the eyes of archaeologists who were searching for ancient monuments. Danish archaeologists were the first to come to Failaka in 1958 for carrying out excavations.It is said that Carlsberg Company, owner of the well-known beer brand, was the one to finance the exploration process. Of course, this was during a time when we were more open and liberal.Until the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, Failaka was the homeland ...... read more

Gas stations and Failaka 1/17/2017

A few days ago, I went to a gas station, to fill petrol in my car and I felt I was in a totally different country. The station was clean, well lit and had clean and healthy facilities, with a supermarket, a few mini fast-food restaurants, touch of welcome and smile on the faces of the staff.This was not the case before, but we still don’t find the same outlook at the gas stations owned and managed by the government — National Petroleum Corporation.Unfortunately, we have waited for al ...... read more

‘Just a tip of the iceberg’ 1/16/2017

I always get many mixed feelings each time I read or hear reports about attempts being foiled to smuggle huge quantities of alcohol into the country.Historically, it was not allowed to consume alcohol openly in Kuwait. Even until the issuance of the Law No. 206 in the mid-1960s, alcohol was being sold to non-Muslims in Kuwait through Cree McKinsey British Company.However, the non-Muslims were then re-selling the alcohol to Muslims and other residents, to make money. The selling points were known ...... read more

Look into the real problems – ‘First things first’ 1/11/2017

Former member of the National Assembly Khalid Al-Sultan, a member of the political group ‘Thawabet Al-Umma’ lived a free life all along and we wish him a very long life. There is no enmity between us and him, and all but respect.Al-Sultan decided to change — and this is his right — and become one of the Salafist leaders. We cannot stand against his decision. All what we can say is he has already enjoyed the pleasures of life.But it seems the years he spent studying in Ame ...... read more

The role of men of religion 1/10/2017

A cleric of any religion has a duty to perform and the need for this duty increases or decreases with the degree of progress or failure of society.The ratio of the number of men of religion to the total number of population differs from one society to another and is usually linked to the number of educated people in society, the more educated the people are in society the less clerics are and vice versa.The only exception to this rule, perhaps in history where the number of men has been growing ...... read more

‘Deviates’ spell more chaos 1/9/2017

Abu Ali Sina, quote says, ‘Muslims are plagued by those who believe that they know more than others, and think that God did not guide any people other than them’!At the beginning of the Syrian revolution I wrote in favor of the demands of the revolutionaries and wished President Bashar Al-Assad would consider meeting their demands.A majority of those brave men who criticized our positions today and who earlier lamented the victims of Aleppo, and lament today the victims of Idlib, wil ...... read more

Natural evolution of faith – ‘Change necessary’ 1/5/2017

All the religions of the world, without exception are subjected to change which has been imposed by the circumstances of life, and the proportion of this change varies from one area to another and from one people to another. These changes have lasted for periods longer or shorter, depending on the type of change or development.Some considered the change or evolution, or part of it, a reform in one area, while others departure took it as drifting away from true religion, but the change has been h ...... read more

Slaves of habits, traditions – Flow with the tide 1/4/2017

A man bought a mule, went to a neighbor and asked him for a rope to tie it. The neighbor apologized and advised him to put his hands around the neck of the mule and the mule will believe something is tying his neck and refuse to move.The next morning the man found the mule was in its place. He mounted the mule and set off to work, but the mule refused to move, so he went back to the neighbor and asked for advice.The neighbor told him he must remove the rope from the neck of the mule. The man was ...... read more

Living pleasures of old age – Blessing in disguise 1/2/2017

Those who know life well are quite aware that every age has its beauty and its advantage and splendor. These words are of course addressed to those who have crossed 60 or 70. Young people cannot be compared to the age they have not yet reached but perhaps they can benefit from my words to prepare for the future.There is no doubt a younger person is much better than an elderly. People in their twenties or thirties or even forties and fifties can do what cannot be done by those in their sixties, s ...... read more

The approaching anger – ‘Bad times ahead’ 12/29/2016

It is said the major airline companies in the region are facing significant financial and administrative difficulties and very soon will be forced to lay off a large number of employees. It is said the ratio is close to 25 percent. It has also been reported that the ‘Emirates’ has already granted a number of ground personnel unpaid leave, some up to three months. The chairman of the airline has already predicted 2017 as difficult year.On the other hand, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Com ...... read more

The endangered species 12/28/2016

Two most senior government officials, most experienced and loyal, have revealed serious facts. Major-General Talal Ma’arafi said that the Interior Ministry procedures in regards to visas for expatriates contributed to the reduction of marginal employment by about 30 percent.He said Kuwait’s population reached 4,250,000 including 2,000,700 expatriates among them 90,000 who are violators of residence laws. These are signs of imbalance in demographics. The Indian community for example i ...... read more

When the West shunned us – ‘Time to end madness’ 12/27/2016

Writing is kind of telling what must be told, and alarm, and also a way to express what is going on in our minds and that includes ideas too. I and hundreds of others had warned leniency shown to the religious extremism. I had also demanded a lot of science subjects to be included in the curriculum and not the theoretical subjects, including religion, which has become a common factor in all theoretical subjects including languages, reading, history, geography.No one listened, either due to ignor ...... read more

Love, peace and tolerance – ‘Merry Christmas to all’ 12/26/2016

In a homily delivered by the Pope some time ago at the St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, His Holiness said ‘I am thinking of some benefactors who come and say they like to give this to the church, but these monetary donations sometimes are stained with the blood of many who are exploited, oppressed and enslaved. To those I say: Please, take your donations with you and burn it, the church does not need such donations.’When I read these words, I remembered the number of mosques w ...... read more

Will I meet you tomorrow? 12/22/2016

“AS a doctor, I had to visit an elderly and helpless patient in his home. According to medical records, he was suffering from cancer and there was no hope of his recovery. After rejecting all type of care, he preferred to remain at home.“When I arrived at his home, I used the secret number to open the lock on the door of the house that was known to us. The patient’s dog was waiting for me and did not make any attempt to bark, but instead looked like it wanted me to find its mas ...... read more

Khaja, Moshe and reading 12/21/2016

Farah Khaja says in a message to me: “I very much enjoyed reading your book, which took me five days. However, it was possible to complete reading the book in less time, but for the work and family commitments.“I’ve always been a fan of your articles, but unfortunately I was not following up, and even more unfortunate is that I did not tell you, even once, how much pleasure it was to see your picture and your article in Al-Qabas, but now the situation is different.“I want ...... read more

‘All same in God’s world’ – Racism and stupidity 12/20/2016

Ruling regimes, groups or individuals believe in racial or ethnic discrimination in order to distinguish themselves from others, if for reasons of biological, cultural, political, tribal, religious or otherwise.Hitler was a racist, because he believed in the supremacy of the Aryan race (the gifted race among others) such as the Germans and Persians, which made no sense.I also think the former South African regime believed in the supremacy of the white minority in that country over the black majo ...... read more

‘Brothers’ enjoyed govt support – Historic calamity 12/19/2016

There is no disagreement, even among the most strictest Brotherhood members, that the World Muslim Brotherhood organization, led by its supreme leader Ma’amoun Al-Hudaibi launched a fierce campaign in 1990, using the term ‘Obedience’ involving all its followers against the presence of the United States of America and its allies in the liberation of Kuwait!Al-Hudaibi ...... read more

Peaceful ‘bombs’ of the Pope 12/17/2016

Voltaire said: ‘We have a natural right to make use of our pens as of our tongue, at our peril, risk and hazard’. He added: ‘To hold a pen is to be at war but this war cannot be legitimate if the situation honestly did not support the issue of what you speak or write’.The head of the Roman Catholic Church has exploded ‘several bombs’ since taking over the papacy in the Vatican. ...... read more

Shenanigans of a minister 12/14/2016

The former Minister of Education, Bader Al-Essa, appointed Abdullah Al-Turaiji when the latter was a lawmaker, chairman of the Scouts Department at the Ministry of Education.It is a very well-known fact that the role of an MP is to monitor the performance of a minister and hold him accountable. ...... read more

‘Kuwait ours despite all ills’ – ‘Temptations meaningless’ 12/13/2016

Kuwaitis over the past three decades have not stopped comparing their status with the citizens of Dubai in particular and in a subsequent period, with Qatar and others.The Economist, the discreet British newspaper published a report on Dec 3, saying these constant comparisons and criticism have created a kind of inferiority complex among the Kuwaitis — a situation that is difficult to escape from, although they enjoy the highest per capital income in the region, and the fourth highest inco ...... read more

Of religion and arts – ‘Propaganda tool’ 12/12/2016

French historian Francois Blofog talked about the motives of militant religious hostility, arts and art forms.He tried to understand the reasons for violent practices against women, such as the destruction of statues and shrines. He stressed that the two religions Islam and Christianity were the most hostile to arts, before the latter became lenient to art.In an interview with AFP, Blofog tried to understand the reasons and motives for the attacks on the Buddha of Bamiyan in Afghanistan in 2011 ...... read more

Hopes alive … not all lost – ‘Support brilliance’ 12/11/2016

ALONG with tens of board chairmen, I pay tax to Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS).  Actually, we have not seen any tangible achievement which can be called scientific advancement in the last 25 years despite the accumulated financial and scientific experiences. ...... read more

‘Group not what it seems’ – Ruinous thoughts 12/9/2016

None of the partisan organizations in the Arab world are linked to evil and ruin except for the World Organization of Muslim Brotherhood. For more than eighty years they have set an example of violence and backwardness since the establishment of the group in 1928. ...... read more

There must be a solution – Misery at airport 12/8/2016

Time will pass slowly, and reform will take years before we see a breakthrough in the development of Kuwait — miserable and sad and desolate and damaged and dirty airport, with all its facilities.If I was the president or director of the airport, I would be ashamed of being at the helm of affairs of this important facility and its dire situation which cannot be accepted. ...... read more

Intellectuals, human rights – ‘Cultural diversity vital’ 12/7/2016

The Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (Opera House) organized a lecture on Nov 30 evening under the title ‘Culture of Luxury or Survival’. The speaker at the event was former Minister of Information Saad bin Tefla. The moderator of the event was another former Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Sanousi.Professor Ben Tefla said the culture has several linguistic interpretations. ...... read more

Man, govt-made rifts – ‘Kuwait was not like this’ 12/6/2016

I do not watch TV at all, and therefore I cannot pass a judgment on the performance of Jaafar Mohammad, the presenter of the Al-Shahed TV, except for some video clips on YouTube which I receive on the social media.A video clip which was recently posted is about diseases people of Kuwait are suffering from. Referring to what he has mentioned, I say in my words that the Kuwaiti society— the ruler and the subjects — was secular and tolerant towards those who came and lived ...... read more

Blow to backward forces – Young breath of fresh air 12/5/2016

In the last parliamentary elections some emerged winners and others losers. In spite of all the disadvantages, these elections have set an example and a perfect model to be followed given our surroundings, and put us on par with freedom and peace-loving nations.We have warned repeatedly about the involvement and presence of beards and robes in political corridors. ...... read more

Battle of civilizations 12/4/2016

Israeli Knesset plans to enact a law to ban the call for prayer over loudspeakers in the mosques of Jerusalem, I repeat: ban to call for prayer over loudspeakers. The bill has met the opposition and rejection inside and outside Palestine.But what is frightening and disturbing in the subject is all who have denounced the bill strongly have focused on the prevention of Muslims from calling for prayer, the measure is against Islam and Muslims, and against the freedom of belief, ...... read more

Blow to backward forces – Young breath of fresh air 12/2/2016

In the last parliamentary elections some emerged winners and others losers. In spite of all the disadvantages, these elections have set an example and a perfect model to be followed given our surroundings, and put us on par with freedom and peace-loving nations.We have warned repeatedly about the involvement and presence of beards and robes in political corridors. ...... read more

‘Do more for nation’s sake’ 12/1/2016

For the first time, I felt comfortable and give a lot of credibility to the statement which has been issued by the Interior Ministry.Actually speaking we are not familiar with such kind of statements. I am talking about the statement issued by the Ministry concerning the illegal entry of Sheikh Khalifa Ali Al-Khalifa Al-Sabah into Kuwait. ...... read more

‘Vote for sunny tomorrow’ 11/30/2016

The Arab region has been facing threats from the religious terrorist organizations, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood group — the mother of all of them. These terrorist groups have put the region on the road to catastrophe, unlike at any other time in the Arab region’s modern history.
Most of these religious parties have offended and harmed the human, economic, urban and legislative development and also the security. These parties have not only stopped the wheel of progress but ta ...... read more

Change seen in victory – ‘Practice what you preach’ 11/29/2016

The more the Muslim Brotherhood group and the revolutionaries in the Levant attacked Donald Trump prior to and following his election to the White House, I am convinced that I was not wrong in throwing my support behind the Republican candidate.Although I sometimes found myself hesitant in supporting Trump because we are fed up of over forty years of reluctant US policies and the tricks of Republicans and Democrats, ...... read more

‘End darkness to see light’ – Walk the talk 11/28/2016

The Cabinet approved a draft decree to restructure the Supreme Education Council (SEC), to be headed by the Minister of Education with the relevant ministry undersecretaries as members in addition to independent personalities such as Musaed Al-Haroun, Rashed Al-Hamad and Abdulrahman Al-Ghunaim, Hanan Al-Mutawa, Nayef Al-Mutawa, and Suad Al-Ansari.First of all, we must admit that neither Kuwait nor the education in general has benefited from the SEC since its inception ...... read more

It takes two to tango 11/27/2016

A group of the respected personalities has issued the so-called (Reform Initiative and National Consensus) about the upcoming elections to the National Assembly.The initiative stresses on the importance of the November 2016 elections that confirm resorting to the ballot boxes which represent the people’s will in building political action through democracy.The initiative also stressed on regional developments and the requirements of security challenges and the various implications ...... read more

‘Sick personality, heart of lion, mind of rat, wolf’s conscience’ – Scalpel of the fake surgeon 11/26/2016

I admit I have the courage to break into homes should I decide to do so. I also have the knowledge of how to put those houses under surveillance, climb the walls and open the locks.I also dare say I have the courage to admit that I can fabricate stories and statements and attribute them to others, and impersonate others and engage in false testimonies. ...... read more

Of memories and articles 11/24/2016

After long years of hesitation, I decided to respond, with pleasure, to the wishes of so many beloved readers and write part of my memories in a book containing a number of my published articles.I used to think the issue is relatively easy and will merely mean sitting down in front of a desk and writing whatever comes to my mind — thoughts and memories — and then refer to the Al-Qabas newspaper archive, to select a number of articles, ...... read more

Me and the Interior Ministry 11/14/2016

Because of my nature and for many other reasons, I don’t do not befriend the personnel of the Ministry of Interior in spite of the fact that there are among them those who deserve a lot of love and respect. Not only that, I am not pleased with the way the security establishment works and the methods adopted to arrest violators, or those who asked to arrest them. If we talk about this issue we can go on and on.The security establishment that cannot live in peace without its men and its orga ...... read more

Clear-cut message to all – ‘Join world for peace’ 11/10/2016

During a conference in Herzliya, Israel, in 2013 the former CIA Director James Woolsey stated the West is fighting a ‘third world war’ based on religion.He pointed out on one side there are the religious fanatics — Shiites, Sunnis, who have different concepts about jihad and thereafter.Woolsey said the US administration find it difficult to deal with jihad from religious perspective. The US Constitution allows freedom of religion and therefore seeking victory against the Islami ...... read more

Opera, customs, traditions 11/9/2016

I think that the image of the building of Kuwait Opera, will soon overtake the image of Kuwait Towers as one of the topmost tourist attractions in the country and this does not only mean this edifice of importance but other landmarks such as the water storage tanks and the unaccountable other cultural values compared to the splendor of the unique building in terms of engineering and multi-purpose facilities.The opera site gets distinguished political and social importance due to its proximity to ...... read more

The need for humanity 11/8/2016

The world having become a single global village, no country can afford to live in isolation especially after seeing what is happening around them and recognizing the global dramatic changes. This is not logical!AbdulRahim, an Afghan Muslim soldier, lost both hands after a landmine explosion which almost killed him. Abdul Rahim lived a miserable life, his life has become unbearable. How he wished to be killed in that explosion. He is living in a society which is unjust and cruel.But Joseph is an ...... read more

A difficult decision 11/7/2016

Iraqi Council of Representatives announced the issuance of a law to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages in Iraq.We do not want to elaborate on talking about the gravity of the decision and the mistake of issuing such a decision and the negative consequences to the security of the Iraqi community which is completely different, in a social nature, customs and traditions, from the Gulf societies.History is witness to answer that question as you might calculate it as an intervention in the affairs o ...... read more

‘Spend cash on better project’ – ‘Reforms don’t come easy’ 11/4/2016

A friend of mine who happens to be a well-known consultant doctor with a good reputation called me, saying he wanted to visit me for discussing an issue that was on his mind. I welcomed him because it was an opportunity to offer consultation to a person who usually offers consultation.As soon as he sat down with me, he delved straight into the topic. He revealed that he wanted to contest the upcoming elections but he wanted to first hear my opinion and my stance. I told him I cannot advise him o ...... read more

Unbeliever and ‘nice guy’ 11/3/2016

One of my friends told me that when he uttered my name in the Diwan of the ‘Wajeeh’, the owner turned away his face and labeled me as unbeliever.In response to my friend I said: the gesture of the Wajeeh and his description of me is a Legion of Honor and I should pin this honor on my chest and the same can be said of those who call me an atheist.I know well ‘my popularity’ such as these, and I am happy to belong to them. I am neither interested in being in the company of ...... read more

Opera House revives dream of five decades – Journey towards light begins 11/2/2016

I LIKED the opera and classical music since my childhood. I do not know why, because neither my mother was a pianist nor my father was a ‘soprano’, with all my love and respect for them. But for some reason I was overwhelmed and gave me goosebumps whenever I heard Maria Callas, for example, singing La Traviata, Norma, or Madama Butterfly.I’m not trying to show that I have vast knowledge in this area since after half a century of listening to opera and world music in general, af ...... read more

Much ado about nothing – ‘Adieu Faisal’ 11/1/2016

Several newspapers reported last Saturday about the decision by the Ministry of Interior to install jamming devices inside the Central Prison and a number of candidates who are contesting the National Assembly elections, particularly those affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group and the Salafists have voiced their protest, particularly installing such devices in one particular cell.These jamming devices, or similar to them have been installed in almost all mosques and all places of worship. T ...... read more

‘Boycotters entry shocking’ – ‘False promises lead nowhere’ 10/31/2016

Paul Joseph Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s (Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and Führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945) Minister of Propaganda. He was one of the most prominent members of his Cabinet who played a malicious role to promote Hitler’s thought.Goebbels was quoted as saying: ‘Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun’. His famous quote was ‘If you tell a lie ...... read more

Shun sectarianism – ‘Govts share responsibility’ 10/28/2016

At the height of apartheid between the white minority and black majority in the Republic of South Africa, the Rev Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, said of the continued conflict that it was unfortunate that so many people became victims, because at the end of the day the country would be ruled by the majority blacks. ‘So why does the conflict not end?’We write this in light of the Sunni-Shiite conflict that threatens all the countries of the region. This age- ...... read more

‘Time now to reform tax law’ – ‘Deserving should get Zakat’ 10/27/2016

Ten years ago the National Assembly passed the ‘Zakat Tax’ Law or the ‘Baqer Law’, which obliged all joint-stock companies, listed and unlisted to pay tax 1 percent of the net profits to the State.The law allowed the companies to direct this Zakat tax, or part of it to one of the services or public associations through the Ministry of Finance, according to Article 14 of the executive regulations of the law, which also included the security, justice and defense institution ...... read more