An offensive statement

i n a previous article, we discussed kuwait’s genesis as a state, formed by immigrants who gradually developed their own distinct identities while remaining fundamentally human.
among them were the successful, the unethical, the virtuous, the criminal, the honest, the deceitful, and more. courtroom lobbies, police records, prisoner lists, and even residents of nursing homes for the elderly serve as testament to our shared humanity, devoid of unique odors, eloquence, appearances, or injustices towards kin.
throughout its relatively brief history, kuwait primarily attracted muslim arabs, with smaller numbers of christians and jews drawn by what the country offered compared to their homelands. then, by sheer coincidence, the oil boom occurred, followed by the advent of democracy, characterized by freedoms and equality for all.
as kuwait’s oil wealth spurred urban, industrial, commercial, educational, and service sector expansions, a significant influx of expatriates with specialized skills was necessitated, alongside low-skilled laborers to fill various roles. subsequently, some of these individuals were granted citizenship by the state.
there is no room to enumerate the virtues and advantages of whatsapp, but like the rest of social media, it is a double-edged sword, especially if it falls into the hands of an extremist or a semi-educated person who believes that he has the right to attack others, and to say that kuwaitis do not behave badly, and that their smell is better than the smell of some residents. then we discover that the person who issued this nonsense is a citizen who claims to be knowledgeable, and describes herself as a writer and journalist!
what we see from these types of tweeters and others is not only offensive to them, but to all of us, and to the country as a whole. whoever describes the resident with ugly and inappropriate descriptions is supposed to know that there is someone among them who is better than her, in character, smell, knowledge, status, and manners.
what is the meaning of these sentiments that have no validity, scientific or logical basis, and are offensive and obscene words that should not come from someone who gives herself such lofty titles and expects everyone’s scent to be acceptable to her?
it is unfortunate that this condescension and this treatment of expatriates with this disgusting spirit, which may resonate with some, who are similarly ignorant, for those who came or come to work for us did not come against our will, but rather with our full consent, and in a legal manner, and this applies to the overwhelming percentage of them, of whom we are in dire need.
ninety percent of state services, such as electricity, water, cleaning, and hundreds of others, can only be performed by these people, either due to our lack of experience or our failure to perform them. is it strange that we ask or expect a worker to do diffi cult and exhausting work, under a blazing sun, and then we are surprised and deplored by the smell of sweat coming from him?
most of them came and worked with honor and worked hard to make our lives better. it is not permissible to blame everyone for the actions of others. if any citizen had performed the same jobs, they would have produced the same body odor, which she did not like... hmmm!


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