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‘Anti-seismic’ dinner table

A few days ago, I was invited to a luncheon held by the Maronite Association in Kuwait at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel, on the occasion of St. Maron’s Day.Maron, or Saint Maron, as he is commonly known, was a hermit, monk, and priest who liv ..

29 /February 2024


Human body ... and water need

Since our Prime Minister is a graduate of Harvard University, it is important to pay attention to the health advice issued by this university’s periodicals.There is no definitive answer about the amount of water that the body needs daily. The ..

22 /February 2024


The next health disaster?

Recently, I have noticed good development in the services provided by health services, through two hospitals. I also noticed a remarkable development in the work of the “Medical Warehouse Management” in Subhan.Circumstances prompted me ..

20 /February 2024


Not a dinar or a salary raise

High orders were issued to the government on the need to work to improve the citizen’s standard of living.Raising the standard of living does not lie in increasing salaries, as these increases will create a wave of inflation, which will devou ..

19 /February 2024


Seeking help to pave roads!

The Minister of Public Works has faced significant challenges in addressing the road repair issues inherited from previous administrations.Despite her good character and true intentions, the Ministry’s depleted resources and lack of oversight ..

15 /February 2024


The forger ... the bearer of lengthy rosaries

After the events of the Arab Spring, the government abandoned the Brotherhood and brought its opponents closer to the Salaf. But someone revealed the involvement of some predecessor leaders and cadres in purchasing academic credentials that are not ..

12 /February 2024


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