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Boubiyan, Noura and the general manager

When discussing the pivotal role of a “director general” or similar leadership figures in any political or economic administration, I often cite compelling examples such as Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore, Hamad Al-Joaan with the Public Insti ..

04 /June 2024


When will the series of ethics violations in associations end?

All ministers of affairs have been involved in referring the board of directors of one or more cooperatives for prosecution or investigation.Initially, the issue was ..

02 /June 2024


The ant & the card for elderly

Once, there was a diligent ant who approached her work with gusto and joy each day, yielding abundant results. Observing her industriousness, a forest tiger fancied that she could achieve even more with proper supervision and organization.Thus, he ..

31 /May 2024


Is the ‘downfall’ inevitable?

There is a belief, or something similar to an illusion, that the West, with its entire civilization, is on the verge of collapse, and this has been circulating for several decades, and the majority of those who promote this statement are oppressed ..

24 /May 2024


An offensive statement

I n a previous article, we discussed Kuwait’s genesis as a state, formed by immigrants who gradually developed their own distinct identities while remaining fundamentally human.Among them were the successful, the unethical, the virtuous, the ..

23 /May 2024


Exponential growth of clergymen

The widespread issue in our societies is the unnatural surge in the number of clergy members across various sectors like government, education, and society at large. Historically, until the mid-seventies, their numbers were manageable.However , wit ..

20 /May 2024


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