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Tragedy or scandal of Batch 30

On May 26, 2019, the Ministry of Interior opened the door to enroll in the Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences for male university graduates, to become specialized officers in the future, each in his specialization.The Military rules and ..

21 /March 2023


Vision lacking for investors

A large percentage of projects, such as The Avenues, 360, Marina Mall, and others, do not see anything but huge investment opportunities that the government gave, in an almost free way for merchants.What these people do not know is that had it not ..

20 /March 2023


Poverty, wealth, origin, class

No country in the world is devoid of discrimination among its citizens – whether it is class, religion, sectarian, ethnic, or otherwise. It may be societal segregation, related to the individuals themselves, or extend to the state itself, whe ..

19 /March 2023


Turkish, Kuwaiti earthquake

Few countries have learned how to anticipate and hedge against hurricanes and earthquakes, except such as Japan and the US. From a technical point of view, the possibility of earthquakes increases in places where there are many permanent steel, gla ..

16 /March 2023


Financial religious extremism

I am convinced that the state is on its way to becoming religious in character par excellence, as the bulldozer of religious extremism is sweeping everything in its path and this is what we are seeing through dozens of indicators.What mitigates the ..

15 /March 2023


Dearth, loopholes in ‘outdated’ laws

The Personal Status Law was promulgated 40 years ago, and like most of our laws, especially the very old ones, it suffers from many deficiencies and loopholes, and is out of date!For instance, a court verdict was recently issued where the judge did ..

14 /March 2023


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