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Is the ‘downfall’ inevitable?

There is a belief, or something similar to an illusion, that the West, with its entire civilization, is on the verge of collapse, and this has been circulating for several decades, and the majority of those who promote this statement are oppressed ..

24 /May 2024


An offensive statement

I n a previous article, we discussed Kuwait’s genesis as a state, formed by immigrants who gradually developed their own distinct identities while remaining fundamentally human.Among them were the successful, the unethical, the virtuous, the ..

23 /May 2024


Exponential growth of clergymen

The widespread issue in our societies is the unnatural surge in the number of clergy members across various sectors like government, education, and society at large. Historically, until the mid-seventies, their numbers were manageable.However , wit ..

20 /May 2024


Time to clip wings of ‘chaos’

What His Highness the Amir did, had to be done after some people went too far and the political game became boring and tiring, and dangerous for the stability of the nation, and even to its very existence, after street groups took control and impos ..

13 /May 2024


The miracle of road repairs!

The budget of the Ministry of Public Works is approximately one billion dinars, and approximately 15,000 employees work in the ministry, earning 300 million dinars annually, meaning an average of 20,000 thousand dinars annually per employee.For alm ..

09 /May 2024


Scorching summer and the ‘rogue conscience’

All the reassurances of Ministry of Electricity officials that the situation is under control and that there will be no programmed outages next summer, that is, after two months, are incorrect, as the outages began days ago, and Al-Nuzha and Al-Man ..

08 /May 2024


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