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Reform hope in Jinan speech

A truck carrying a number of watermelons overturned on a busy street in Baghdad! Some of those who were on their way to the mosque took some and put them in front of them and performed their prayers.“Today I stand before you with my head high ..

27 /June 2022


The majority & Nesin House

Aziz Nesin, a famous Turkish novelist, was born in 1915 and took a pseudonym to escape from political consequences. He was imprisoned several times and died in 1995.Nesin has a short story of great significance that applied at the time to Turkey&rs ..

24 /June 2022


The fierce campaign on homosexuals

The Ministry of Commerce launched a campaign against homosexual logos – the six-colored flag, and I thank the Ministry for the information that I and others were not aware of.The matter did not need all this fuss and the dissemination of the ..

23 /June 2022


What is most harmful & the least beneficial?

The American society is considered the most conservative compared to other Western nations. The churches in America raced to exploit this and collected huge sums of money, bragged about it, and even made movies, and one of them claimed that he met ..

22 /June 2022


AU of Mideast ... an example!

Kuwait does not have an income tax system, and therefore banks and large companies cannot donate part of their taxes and direct them to education, for example.Also, the zakat tax, which is deducted from the profits of joint-stock companies, is lost ..

21 /June 2022


AU of Mideast ... & they say

The law establishing the Council of Private Universities was issued in 2000 to set the rules and procedures for licensing private universities, specifying the requirements for academic accreditation, reviewing the performance of these universities, ..

20 /June 2022

زوار الموقع

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