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‘Roots of terror group run deep in society’

Some time ago, the authorities arrested 12 teenagers, high school students, and referred them to the judiciary for committing crimes against the state security, after it was discovered that they had joined the terrorist organization ISIS, and incit ..

06 /May 2024


The dangers of multitasking

Ana Borges recently wrote an article in the New York Times that changed some of my old notions about “some being special” in their ability to do multiple tasks at once. In general, a woman is better suited to work as a secretary, compar ..

05 /May 2024


No one has the right answer!

In a question to Al-Haidari, through video call that became very popular for well-known reasons, about the reason for the lack of success of democracy among the Eastern peoples, especially the Arabs, and its success in Western countries, he replied ..

03 /May 2024


Filipino ‘Abagnale’ in Kuwait

The American Frank Abagnale is considered the biggest forger in modern history. He baffl ed the security and federal investigation services in America and several European countries for many years, and dazzled their agencies while he was still a te ..

01 /May 2024


Benefits of the ‘wonder drug’

As reported in The New York Times: Next time when you go for a check-up, don’t be surprised if your doctor prescribes walking. Yes, this simple activity, which you’ve been doing since you were about a year old, is now being described as ..

29 /April 2024


My fatal mistakes...& Iran

I made many mistakes, most of which did not hurt me, so I forgot them, but I did not, even after 57 years, and I was very sad to the extent tears rolled down my cheeks when I heard Jamal Abdel Nasser announced his resignation from the leadership, a ..

21 /April 2024


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