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‘Country’s national flag & the unpatriotic behavior’

I n an act that was met with a lot of disapproval, one of the schools, perhaps a preparatory one, held a graduation ceremony for its students, where they entered the hall, carrying the fl ag of the State of Palestine, and all those present stood up ..

08 /July 2024


Emirates and the Henley report

Last week, the “Henley” report on “Private Wealth Migration” for the year 2024 was issued, and it showed strange things. The movement of the wealth of major billionaires received the attention of observers, and expressed the ..

03 /July 2024


Composite index quantifies level of peacefulness among nations

I n May 2007, Australian businessman Steve Killea initiated the development of a composite index aimed at quantifying the level of peacefulness among countries.This ..

30 /June 2024


Muhammad Musaed and the crimes of citizens

The late colleague Muhammad Musaed AlSaleh, in an old article whose meaning I still remember, expressed his astonishment at the keenness of National Assembly legislators to be strict, sometimes exaggerated, in stipulating very severe punishments fo ..

26 /June 2024


Abdullah Al-Bustani & Columbus

IN my last article, I stated that Columbus was Spanish when, in fact, he was Italian by birth and later pledged allegiance to Spain.Christopher Columbus, credited with the discovery of the Americas half a millennium ago, embarked on his historic vo ..

24 /June 2024


A poignant talk about the disaster

The people of Kuwait have been known, for many years, for their efforts to provide relief to the afflicted, feed the hungry, and shelter the homeless, and the names of many great philanthropists who emerged in times of distress shine throughout the ..

23 /June 2024


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