Reasons for terrorism

as has already been expected by the developed world, and then ridiculed its expectations daesh has ‘vanished’ and with it its illusions of establishing the islamic state, after a confl ict that lasted for three years. the fall came during the era which only knows science and coexistence, where there is no place for such political systems. with the fall of daesh, all the naive analyses of dozens of political analysts, and their empty accusations against the various countries of the world also fell apart. t h o s e analysts accused some countries or one of them of supporting the idea of establishing and fi nancing and arming the socalled islamic state and this is what i did not believe since day one. to this day, there is no concrete evidence of the involvement of a particular country in the establishment of this state, which has been repeated much in islamic history. however, the absence of the media, tools and cameras prevented them from documenting them in time. my friend abu abdullatif wonders why there are no terrorists among the indonesians, malaysians and muslims of india, and among other muslims. why terrorists are only in our countries, whether we are shiite or sunni arabs? do our school curricula have a role in that? he added, the arabs have known political terrorism during the era of wadih haddad, the palestinian who led the armed wing of the popular front for the liberation of palestine and others. the educational curricula that produce terrorists, as some claim, differed in the former secular baath of iraq, different from the saudi, which differs from the lebanese secular curricula, and all of them differ from the secular curriculam of kuwait or tunisia or the conservative one in egypt. however, all terrorists have graduated from their schools during the past half a century until date. he added, it is a mistake to become captives of holding the school curricula responsible. this false diagnosis will help the disease to continue, as happened 60 years ago, and the causes of terrorism differ from what some people think and promote. my friend abdullatif did not mention the real reasons behind terrorism. if we assume that this is true in general, the reality is not. there are sunni/shiite terrorist operations in pakistan. there is pakistani/indian tensions caused by terrorist acts, there is afghan terrorism, there is philippine terrorism led by abu sayyaf, the terrorism of the somali youth organization and the terrorism of the nigerian boko haram. all are non-arab countries, therefore, terrorism has no nationality, but it is more dynamic and active compared to others, perhaps because we have civilizations that are deeprooted in history for thousands of years, thus we see that terrorism is purely religious in nature, from radical muslims. such terrorism did not leave an islamic country or minority in the world without affecting it negatively. the greater the damage, the closer we are to the middle east and the near east. the muslim minorities in china, the philippines, myanmar and kashmir were all affected by terrorism. terrorism has also devastated countries such as afghanistan, syria, somalia and yemen, and has hit saudi arabia, kuwait, bahrain, tunisia, libya, morocco, algeria, egypt, sudan, lebanon, jordan, qatar and palestine and others. the reason is not only the school curricula, but also what has been and is still ‘preached’ in many mosques, and what is being broadcast through hundreds of most extreme channels, which attract tens of millions of viewers throughout the day. the gulf money has also played a role in the spread of religious extremism and that is why the nonarab muslim countries were out relatively from the infl uence of the gulf money, and the lack of knowledge of arabic did not negatively affect them by what is broadcast in religious channels. these are some reasons, the subject is big. 

زوار الموقع

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