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‘Brothers’ opportunism

Shortly after the liberation, all men representing various groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the ‘Brothers’ of Kuwait, were against the idea of the Western forces liberating our homeland. Since that day, the ‘Brothers&rsqu ..
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Happy with dream come true

I n honor of the reputation of more than fifty countries, and for other reasons, the state allows the citizens of these countries to avail visas on arrival at any point of entry. I do not know about the situation at the land and sea ports, but I know ..
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Nepotism thriving

Upon the request of the Omani Interior Minister, the mayor of Al-Kamil wal Kafi districts in the Sultanate of Oman has issued a circular to all elders warning against the danger of the growing phenomenon of tribal gatherings and participation of memb ..
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Society numb to graft

Our skins have become thick like the skins of elephants. We no longer have any feelings and we have become like fish out of water because everything that happens and what we hear — problems and issues about bribery and corruption, nothing impre ..
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Nation of generosity, ethics

My relationship with Indians started at an early age when my father thought in 1955 that it was time for me to learn English from someone who had mastered the language, but the experience was not successful as I have mentioned earlier. Ten years late ..
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Case of many absurd minds

THE Sudanese novelist Tariq Ahmad Khalid wrote an article under the title ‘The beauty of dogs and the ugliness of some who boast of their origins’. In the book he criticized the behavior of a female Gulf citizen at one of the airports in ..
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