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Woeful saga of hospitals

Dear writer, I am an expatriate woman, one of the more than three million living on this good land. We produce as much as the citizens do and we have the same rights, except political, and we carry out the duties they do.“I write to you becau ..
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Mahathir drove me out of retirement

I have visited Malaysia several times over the past three decades. It is beautiful, safe, clean and is considered — in addition to Turkey — a rare democracy in our vast dictatorial environment, mainly due to its strong Chinese community ..
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‘Tragedy continues’

The Kuwait Liberal Society is one of the most active associations despite its recent inception and modest resources. One of the achievements of this young association is its recent success in participating in the conference of the Arab Liberal Fede ..
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Fate of a foreign degree

The Ministry of Higher Education has refused to recognize the faculty of law of the Beni Suef Open University of Egypt. Those who had graduated from this university refused to accept the decision of the ministry and one of the graduates resorted to ..
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The deafening silence

Mutasarrifate was one of the ruling systems adopted by the Ottoman Empire from 1860 until 1918 under which Mount Lebanon was administratively separated from the rest of the Levant for reasons related to the multiplicity of doctrines and faiths of M ..
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Flickering flame of culture

During the next few months, the term of the president of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) Eng Ali Al-Youha will end if the current Minister of Information Mohammad Al-Jabri remains in of- fi ce and if no higher power inter ..
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