Tale of a Trojan horse

my friend hamid al-hamoud wrote an article in al-qabas newspaper yesterday criticizing my position on the muslim brotherhood, saying i have not succeeded in what i intended to do. however, al-hamoud admitted reluctantly that the brotherhood had ‘made mistakes’ in its political work in kuwait and played a ‘dominant’ role in institutions, ministries and societies that led to its regression and backwardness, but, he added, the brotherhood remained a social and political bloc in kuwaiti society. this is strange behavior of a serious reader like him. the comparison of brotherhood with other parties and traditional political blocs is neither right nor mature, and should have not complained but i assume it is in good faith. the call by some about the need to accept the muslim brotherhood as part of the political process and social reality, was already called for by the likes of some in tsarist russia and pro-nazi germany, but once they came to power, even those who called for considering the brotherhood as a ‘political’ and ‘social’ bloc were the fi rst victims. thus, the hopes for fl ourishing open liberal consciousness among young people and society as a whole with the acceptance of the brotherhood as a stream in the democratic process is a very utopian wish. in my opinion and in the opinion of anyone who has studied the history of the brotherhood and of those who believe in the democratic process, the brotherhood members themselves have never believed in the democratic process. thus, my sensitive attitude against the muslim brotherhood is not an exaggeration. i saw what they did in egypt when they came to power, i know their methods, and i know their history and opinion in you and in me, and in all those who do not belong to them. this is my advice to al-hamoud, ‘instead of responding to my article, you should have responded to what the notable researcher and academician falah al-midiris wrote in al-qabas last september that the muslim brotherhood was infl uenced, intellectually and organizationally by the muslim brotherhood of egypt, which is also mentioned in the memoirs of abdullah al-ali almutawa and published in the newspaper of the mb on february 13, 2006. the muslim brotherhood since its inception by its founder hasan al-banna has been calling to fi ght those who do not accept the call of the muslim brotherhood. “we are at war against every leader or party leader or body that does neither support islam, nor restore the rule of islam and its glory,” al-banna said. in his article, al-hamoud wished to give the premises of the sharia committee which was recently – unregretfully -- cancelled to be the headquarters of al-arabi magazine. despite the merits of the proposal, i believe giving the premises to the national council for culture and literature is much better, and this is a symbolic and legitimate response to what happened before when giving al-istiqlal club premises, after its suspension, to the public authority for the disabled. the irony of the friend, to what i mentioned in my previous article about my rejection of a religious society arranging umrah trips and arranging visits to al-madinah for children, as a kind of religious activity coated with politics and described my position as strange. this is really coming from my friend who does not see the ideological side of the subject. this is a religious party, not a scouts organization, and to deceive these young people, to damage their minds, and to implant in their minds hostile ideas – into the minds of those who do not belong to brotherhood, is the ultimate goal, not the visit, therefore i warned against it. i conclude by saying that if i were a member of the group’s arm in kuwait, i would not have hesitated in giving you an honorary membership. my friend: on whichever side you want to be, is it not the right time to determine your position?

زوار الموقع

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