Bold and worthy decree

ten years ago, i said in my article: ‘the higher committee on completion of the application of islamic sharia is one of the most costly and least productive of the government committees, the oldest in office and longest in name, and almost one of us does not feel the existence, until you make a reference here or there related to the fact of its work and the feasibility of its existence. ‘here some of the sponsors and beneficiaries of its presence, materially and morally, (most of them) are affiliated with the muslim brotherhood to protect the committee! ‘it has been a long time since the establishment of this committee, and contrary to what it expressed in the ‘sanctity’ of the use of satellite dishes or another opinion in the issue, or the economic problem, we have not heard much about the work of its board of directors and its committees for more than 5,000 working days. ‘if we asked the authority to which the committee follows about the application of sharia, the performance of the committee, its useful outputs and products, it knows while we do not, we did not hear anything from the authority, but i heard from an official about complaints related to the increasing financial and material demands of many members of the committee and the need to increase the welfare of its members. ‘it was a disaster that took place during the forum of islamic law no. 13, organized by an association considered to be the official branch of the muslim brotherhood in kuwait, when they called for the extension of the work of the committee for another fifteen years, and perhaps more.’ yesterday, the high command issued a decree to dissolve this committee, years after its establishment, after the need for its existence ceased. here we would like to ask, with all sincerity: ‘where was the army of the committee staff over the past years? the fact is they did nothing or finished the work. where are the dozens of senior clerics, scholars, professors, and well-known religious scholars who worked for the committee, its board and committees, some over the past few years, and others for many years, have disappeared. they receive salaries and bonuses of thousands of dinars without performing any serious or useful work. why did not any of them raise his voice warning and intimating, cleaning his reputation from the vacuum of the committee and the emptiness of its work, and from those who were paid for nothing? why did they remain silent about what was being spent on the new building of the committee near the kuwait international fair grounds in mishref, which cost tens of millions in terms of land, construction and furniture while they were aware that its work was almost over? the resolution of dissolving this committee is wise and brave, and deserves the respect and praise of every honest person who loves his country. this must be followed by the passing of other resolutions related to many committees and other pseudo-bodies that have been established only to satisfy certain people.

زوار الموقع

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