‘Rectify chaos in society’

cars damaged during traffi c accidents are towed to the parking lots of police stations all over kuwait. these cars remain there for several months which make the landscape very disturbing. the presence of these vehicles in this condition sours public taste. this is crystal clear evidence of neglect on the part of the police station and other security agencies for failing to follow the trail of the owners of these vehicles and asking them to move them at their expense. these vehicles, which are parked on sidewalks in the parking lot or open grounds belonging to the police stations, are a violation and the security authority is responsible. moreover, if these vehicles are subjected to theft of spare parts, the respective police station will have to bear the responsibility. therefore, it is necessary to collect these vehicles in a designated area in each governorate and force the owner to pay the parking charges. the security authorities can also make use of the warehousing companies to provide this service. we appeal to the assistant undersecretary for traffi c affairs at the ministry of interior major-general fahd al-shuwea to consider this issue. however, away from this issue, a friend told me that whenever someone died in his family it is he who was responsible to complete the burial formalities for the deceased and the procedures at the cemetery were relatively easy and simple. he explained two men (undertakers) would come to the house to prepare the deceased for burial but after the unblessed ‘awakening’, the entire situation has changed. he added, now at least four people, in addition to a supervisor and another to recite the supplications — which was not done before -- come to the house to complete the formalities, all for monetary benefi ts and bonuses from their workplace in addition to some ‘tips’ from the family of the deceased. we appeal to the director of kuwait municipality, engineer manfouhi, to investigate this issue and stop this waste. in yet another issue, the central bank of kuwait has ended the services of an auditor of a bank for violating the ethics and auditing laws. this happened after the cbk discovered irregularities in the bank’s loan portfolio. the cbk discovered there was a contradiction between the auditor’s reports and reality. the story, which appeared in a local newspaper, did not mention whether the violating bank’s management knew of the irregularities. we had already asked the ministry of commerce to update the laws governing the profession of audit, which complains many outsiders are harming the reputation of ‘a good few’. some auditors, in violation of the ethics and professionalism, engage in largescale trade at the same time, in which they scrutinize the books and invoices of other companies, which may include companies competing with the owner of the audit offi ce and consequently the confl ict of interest arises. this is clearly non-ethical practice. here, too, we appeal to the young minister of commerce khalid al-roudhan, who has done so much so far, and is expected to develop the work of the ministry to take this into account. we hope he will be part of the new government especially after he has proved that he is highly effi cient administrator. we hope he will pay attention to this odd situation and ask owners of audit offi ces to stop their business, if they wish to continue the audit of companies and banks. in yet another interesting incident, our distinguished mp, ahmad al-fadhel, has submitted a bill according to which anyone sticking posters on private residential buildings, vehicles or any other place will be punished. here we would like to ask the mp to include in his proposal, to punish those who put fl ags or posters of religious nature on private housing buildings or buildings owned by him, because this incites sectarianism.

زوار الموقع

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