Guardians of faith?

the mp and former minister ahmad baqer, who represents the political salafi st, responded to al-qabas interview with former mp mubarak al-duwailah, who represents the muslim brotherhood in kuwait. he said the allegations of duwailah — it is he who dismissed the members of the brotherhood from the ministry when he took charge of the ministry of social affairs and labor is inaccurate. he ridiculed the members of brotherhood of kuwait, the movement or the mubarak al-duwailah group whatever you may call it. baqer went on to say there is no iota of truth in what duwailah has said. he said the members of brotherhood were there in his ministry as assistant undersecretaries and one of them went on to become the undersecretary (his name is mentioned at the end of the article). baqer added there were also directors, most notably the director of studies, who occupied an important position in the mubarak movement and others as undersecretaries, directors and supervisors, who continued to work in the ministry and were never expelled as claimed. baqer ridiculed the allegations of duwailah that the muslim brotherhood members were not given any posts in the ministry even the post of a porter. he called it ‘completely false’. this can be seen from the following: first, all of mubarak’s claims that his movement and his association in kuwait do not belong to the muslim brotherhood are incorrect. he does not leave an occasion without defending the brotherhood’s interests in kuwait. second, the responsibility of the government is very clear, and its knowledge and even the blessing of a political party to seize all the capabilities, budgets of a ministry, and control in all its affairs. third, it is also clear that “our religious customs and traditions” require every minister to ‘close the door’ on all members of the other religious party, his opponent, and replace them with their ‘associates’, even if they are unqualifi ed and incompetent. fourth, it is clear from the current confl ict that the subject of the dispute between the salaf and the muslim brotherhood is neither ideological nor political. the two sides are completely ignorant of everything related to the thought and how to manage the affairs of the state. the confl ict has nothing to do with their own religious interpretations, but the struggle is limited and those who hold the highest government posts, control the budgets of the ministries and run committees in which they may make profi t. so it is better to have everyone in the ministry from the same party to complete the cover up and let effi ciency go to hell. fifth, there is no doubt that the replacement of an undersecretary or his assistant or the director of a department is not easy, and takes a lot of time and effort of a minister, this is other than the need for approval of the prime minister to any change ‘dogmatic’. thus, it takes a lot of effort and time of the minister, and prevents him from dedicating time for important issues. in the same context, the front page of al-seyassah published a report on a complaint fi led by abdullah al-ma’atouq, head of the islamic charitable organization, to the public prosecutor’s offi ce against former undersecretary of the ministry of awqaf adel alfalah, the former spiritual father of the moderation committees and their subsidiaries. in his complaint, al-ma’atouq accused al-falah of spending charity money of the society for his personal interests, and how alfalah sold a property to the charity in azerbaijan, for his own interest in clear violation of the law. if that’s true, we leave you to comment on that. we hope you will answer me: who is insulting islam and muslims, me or them?

زوار الموقع

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