Worthy man to head demolition panel

i met lieutenant-general sheikh mohammad al-yusuf al-sabah a few times, often at dinner parties with dear friends. i do not think he remembers me or knows me personally, but he may have heard about me, so i do not write my article as a courtesy or fl attery to him after he retired as a soldier serving his country. sheikh mohammad retired a few days ago and the deputy prime minister and minister of interior promoted him to the rank of lieutenant-general in honor for his 40 years service to the nation during which he was respected and loved by all. according to my knowledge no offense has been recorded against him during his entire career. his autobiography is superbly clean. he was a role model for those around him. he upheld the discipline at work. he was praised by everyone. everyone appreciated his decency, his integrity and his strength in all areas where he has served. he has displayed all these q u a l i t i e s throughout his career. the retired lieutenant-general is very e n e r g e t i c and is still at the top of his giving. it is really unfortunate not to take advantage of his abilities, his potential and his good reputation. i honestly believe that he is the most worthy man to chair the committee that was formed to demolish encroachments on state property. he is indeed the right person for this job because of his professional background, his age, his military rank in addition to other qualities and advantages and determination in decision-taking. i do not know who is managing the committee right now, but i feel that its work and achievements, as i have earlier written, have slowed down after the death of its fi rst president, the late lieutenant-general mohammad al-bader. we see a lot of transgressions and violations but a citizen does not know how to report or when they will be removed. hence, kuwait today desperately needs an effi cient man such as sheikh mohammad al-yusuf to manage and bring back life to this committee.

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